Thursday, 31 January 2019

It's At Least Hoof Depth Now!

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Heavy Snow Falling!

The weather forecasters were correct!!!  Heavy snow started falling at about 3pm this afternoon and it hasn't stopped since!  I managed to get a mountain of haynets ready this morning to make sure there's plenty to go around! Lots of feed bowls lined up to keep Topsy provisioned with snacks this evening!  Will try to get more pics tomorrow... 

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Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Snow Ponies

Last night brought the first snow of 2019!  The roads were too risky for our arranged volunteers to drive over...but this also meant that Archie had a snow day - school was cancelled so he came for a morning of ponying instead!  Well done Archie!

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Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Happy January!

 Hello everyone and we hope January is going well for you all!  It's been a whirlwind of activity over the last month and a half so it's time to try and catch up on the pony news!  The most important first thing to say is thank you so much to everyone who sent the P4P ponies Christmas wishes, donations, herbs/oils, sponsored a pony, bought a 2019 calendar, bought items from our online shop and/or remembered to use Easyfundraising when they did their Christmas shopping online - we really appreciate and value your support so much!  Thank you to you all!  Those of you who have purchased calendars will be enjoying seeing Arthur this month - who had enjoyed rolling in the snow during the second installment of the "Beast From The East" last year.  We have had some hail/snow this week but thankfully not to any real depth.  In fact we've been very lucky with the winter so far - drier than usual and not stormy at all!
Rocky and Star
In December we had a visit from Bill Lomas for dentistry for half of the herd - Topsy had a loose tooth but Bill was hopeful it will fall out on its own so fingers crossed for that happening smoothly.  Arthur had a bout of colic very early on in December (he escaped onto some lush grass) - thankfully very short and quickly overcome using oils and the red light - within an hour it was over.  We included him in the dentistry just to make sure there were no problems there.

We've had a vet visit for Munchie - he had a very swollen eye with lots of redness so he had a weekend vet visit to make sure that there was nothing in it - thankfully no foreign bodies and no damage to the lens, just a nasty bout of conjunctivitis...which went just about as quickly as it appeared.

Rachael Boase came to visit Munchie for a cranio-sacral treatment as he was having nerve pains down his back and we needed to get him comfortable again.  We have lots of physio/homework to do so he's having special therapy sessions each evening. 

Just before Christmas we had a call from one of our loan homes to say that our pony Rosco needs to come back to us - such a shame because he's been at his home for 15 years so we're trying to sort that out at the moment...

We've had a couple of visits from new volunteer Kathryn who we are very pleased to welcome and hope she'll be back with us again soon.

Topsy wearing her new rug.
Topsy has had a triumph today because it's her first ever time wearing a rug.  She was too frightened to do this before but now she is quite ancient and the weather is really very cold she's decided that maybe it is a good idea after all.  It's possibly just a little bit big but it was the last one in the store - all the other sizes were gone so we're very pleased to have one that is nice and duvet like.  Thank you to Margaret for donating it for Topsy. 

Alfie had his anniversary this week - a year since he arrived in Devon.  He really enjoyed Christmas so much with lots of visitors and presents from his admirers!  He is now able to come out walking with Munchie which is great to have them out together and means that I can multi-task checking the sheep, walking the dog and getting Munchie his exercise therapy in one session! 

There's lots of studying going on it may be winter but there's still plenty going on here at P4P!
Bobby eating hay

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