Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Bank Holiday Weekend

Frodo and Breeze
As holidays for us here!!  It's very full on looking after 10 ponies on-site!  We're waiting for the new site and loan family to be ready before Wolfie and Breeze can travel to their new home.  It's quite a challenge for Breeze as he's used to being the leader on his conservation site and here he's got to take his place in the established order...but I keep telling him that it won't be for long.

We've got lots of thank you's from this weekend...a BIG thank you to Thea and her course participants who raised an AMAZING £240 for the ponies from their workshop!  We are so grateful...thank you so much everyone!

We received a cheque and lovely letter from Kate, Alice, Max and Josie in class 4 who sent the proceeds from a stall they ran for P4P at their school - we have sent a thank you card which hopefully they will receive when they return to school after half-term.
We also need to thank Paul for coming over to trim Munchie's feet which are looking very smart again.  The toe is the only part that needs attention as the damaged hoof there is like concrete and doesn't self trim like the rest of the foot.  It's going to take about 6 months before his new hoof capsules are complete but we are very pleased with his progress.  Before Munchie returned to us he was only going out for an hour or two of grazing a day - all year around because of laminitis.  Now he's out grazing with the others on the same routine - he just needs to come in for his extra feeds.

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Thursday, 25 May 2017

Topsy and Star...and it's 2 months since Jeremy disappeared

We're so pleased how well Topsy and Star have paired up - they look quite happy together, which is lovely to see...older girls grazing happily together.

We're delighted to hear that Puffin is now fully integrated with Polo and they are the best of friends already!

Angela has already made it as far as Blair Atholl on her quadbike adventure which quite impressive - she says she is OK but the quadbike is having some repairs!  Hopefully she'll be on her way again soon...

...And finally it's 2 months today since Jeremy disappeared so we continue to ask people to be on the look out for him...we continue to hope that someone might find him...there is still a £500 reward for information leading to the safe return of Jeremy.

Jeremy the pony disappeared without trace from the Morwenstow/Welcombe area on the Cornwall/Devon border. He was last seen on the evening of Saturday 25th March 2017.

The whole area was searched over and over again and there was absolutely no sign of him anywhere.

Please help us to find Jeremy - he is an Exmoor X, bay gelding, approx. 12hh.

There is a "Help Find Jeremy" page on Facebook dedicated to finding him.  

There is also a "Find Jeremy" page on our main website   

If you think you have seen Jeremy, or have any information about him, or his whereabouts (calls can be taken anonymously), please either contact:

• Devon and Cornwall Police by calling 101, and quoting crime reference number CR022583/17

• People4ponies on 07968 071179, or by email at:
  • If anyone wishes to share information or sightings of Jeremy anonymously, they can contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Puffin's Move

Catherine and Margaret were a great help this afternoon - helping Puffin to move to his new home.  He was such a good boy loading and travelled well - though travelling a pony really does make you aware of how bad the road surfaces are in some sections!  Once we arrived, it was great that Margaret and Catherine helped with controlling the traffic so that we could turn the horse lorry around and get it positioned at the top of the driveway.

Puffin knew where he was...and this time he had a new friend to meet...Polo the pony...who was very pleased to see Puffin indeed!!

We hope Kate and Jake enjoyed seeing Puffin and Polo when they came home from school!

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Monday, 22 May 2017

Puffin's Afternoon

It's been an afternoon with some loading practise for Puffin and he was brilliant, better than Frodo even!  Such a good boy and he's been standing at the gate next to the lorry this evening telling me that he's ready to go!  It's lovely that his family came to see him yesterday - he's going back to familiar's sort of like he's had a year's sabbatical and now he's going home again!  Safe journeying tomorrow Puffin!

Getting Puffin's "goody" bag ready to go with him!  Thank you
to the ladies at Naturally Animals for the samples

Not sure how I captured this photo!  Perhaps Puffin fancies entering
Strictly Come Dancing!  He was showing off other "dance moves"
earlier, half passing whilst on the lead rope coming in from the field!

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Sunday, 21 May 2017

Settling In

Breeze and Wolfie
With 11 ponies at the yard it's pretty full on with all the work and Margaret's been putting in extra hours to lend a hand and make sure we're keeping on top of everything, which we are...the good weather certainly helps a lot too!  It is nice to see the herd together during the day.

Breeze is proving to be a photogenic chap!

Puffin's family have been to visit today and Puffin enjoyed their visit.  They have bought him a brand new headcollar and lots of treats for him and his friends!  Kate and Puffin, and Jake and Munchkin did some leading in the yard.  Puffin will be joining his family again on Tuesday so we've been working on separating Puffin and Breeze gradually, sometimes being together and sometimes apart (but with other "friends").  We are very aware of the importance of this as they are good friends - it is a big emotional change for them and by gradually separating them now we've been able to help support them with essential oils which we find makes a huge difference to helping them cope in these sorts of situations.
Bobby looking very handsome between rug changes  

Star was in season when she arrived so that sent the boys into a bit of a stir, even though she was the other side of the fence!  All has calmed down now.  

Topsy enjoys having a rest - not everyone is lucky enough to have
their own unicorn!
Star approves of Margaret's choice of dinner selection!

Breeze and Wolfie have been paired up in the field at night so we hope this will prepare them well for their new home where they will have a new, secure, conservation patch.  Interestingly Breeze demolished a whole area of nettles next to the barn yesterday - thinking about it, we never noticed any nettles at Marsland - no human disturbance of course (or perhaps Breeze had already eaten them all)!

We took the video below of the pony reunion in the field on Friday late afternoon...

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Friday, 19 May 2017

Round Up Day

We've had a huge operation today to bring our conservation ponies back home.  Although we've loved having ponies on the Marsland reserve for nearly 10 years, sadly the site is no longer safe and secure for our ponies.  There has been no news of Jeremy the pony who went missing from there and I've been reading tonight that 12 Hebridean sheep have also now gone missing from the pasture there adjacent to where the ponies were grazing...

...So with much planning - we had two lorries (thanks to Jane for letting us borrow her big lorry), panels on loan from Vanessa (thanks to John and Minnow for collecting them for us), and a trailer loaned from Ted and Jenny (and the right attachment fixed by Roy and panels securely loaded)...and a team of 8 people including Gill, Margaret, Isabel, Catherine, Paul (who also drove the big lorry) and Cilla, and Martin (who travelled all the way from Oxford to help us and towed the trailer with the panels)...and Roy to look after the yard and sort out the ponies there!

It's taken a lot of planning...not only for the day itself but also arranging homes for the ponies to go to as we are really pushed to have 11 ponies on the yard!  We are so pleased with how the day went and we are so thankful to everyone who has helped - it went so smoothly with Paul leading Breeze up and everyone else stationed in special positions to make sure Breeze and Puffin followed.  It all happened nice and calmly.

Paul loaded the ponies for us - Breeze in the small lorry, and Puffin and Star in the big lorry...and thanks to Catherine, Isabel and Martin who got everything tidied up at the end and all the equipment loaded back up onto the trailers.
Meeting back at the yard...reunited again...not just a herd of "brown" ponies!

Munchie and Breeze reacquaint
 It was a smooth journey home and the 3 ponies were pleased to see their friends - they all know each other except for Arthur and Topsy who have arrived from other places.  After a while to settle down, we let Star in with Topsy to explore our lusher pasture...and then Puffin and Breeze went for a good run around with the boys.  Munchie and Breeze seem particularly fond of each other and also seem to have done a lot of charging about!!

We really can't thank everyone enough for their efforts!  There'll be much work in the days ahead but at least we know they are safe now.
Puffin showing off his moves...
...and his hairstyle!

Munchie's feet are feeling great again and he's been doing a fair amount of charging around this afternoon!
Bobby, Munchie and Breeze in the photo here.

A bit calmer at dinner time!

Topsy and Star this evening
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Monday, 15 May 2017


Yesterday we had a P4P excursion to visit Catherine, Victoria and Edward who had organised a bluebell walk at their land up on Exmoor.  Such a beautiful, spectacular site (the photos just don't convey it or do it justice!) - millions and millions of bluebells - more than I've ever seen in one place before.  We all had a lovely time and enjoyed visiting all the animals too - it's always lovely to see the horses but everyone of course has a special fondness for Silver who spent time with P4P.  Thank you to all of them for their hospitality!

Angela has started on her epic quadbike adventure from Landsend to John O' Groats and back - she says that you can follow her updates on her Justgiving page!

This week has also been the anniversary of the passing of Tufty, Topsy's special companion, who we lost in 2013.  Hazel Ann sent us a poem that she wrote in 2013 in memory of Tufty which was rather a lovely thought.

The heavens wept with us that day

When lovely Tufty passed away.

Her gentle strength and knowing eyes

Would sometimes take me by surprise.
I can but guess what early scars

Etched their marks upon her heart

Yet wise was she beyond her years

And stoic despite her myriad fears.
Her presence often filled the yard

Although at times she found it hard.

Her gentle soul at peace at last

Brings comfort to our broken hearts.

Of course we could never replace Tufty...but Topsy should have a new companion by the end of the week - I hope she approves!  She isn't able to spend much time with the boys so we hope she will benefit from having a friend who can also be on the lusher pasture.

Thank you so much to Vanessa for donating 2 new lead ropes this week...and to Lily who got in contact about a possible Jeremy sighting.  She cleverly sent a photo - the pony in the photo was beautiful, but not Jeremy....but we really appreciate her efforts and everyone who continues to keep a look out for him.

We'd also like to say "Good Luck" to everyone who's taking their exams at the moment.  Jas who has been a very dedicated Sunday helper has just started her GCSE's so we wish her lots of luck from all of us!

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Friday, 5 May 2017

Bobby's Fly Rug

Rolled in it already!  Going Devon pink already - great fit though!
Bobby's been sporting a rather lovely fly rug this week to keep the pesky midges at bay which he is really appreciating.  Munchie seemed a bit annoyed by them too so has also ended up with a blue version of the same design!  Bobby has another fly rug arriving on Monday made of insect repellent  material which should be interesting to try.  He's so much braver than he used to be and doesn't mind the velcro straps - the noise of those used to really upset him.  Thank you from the ponies to Catherine, and for donations that mean we can buy these special extras!

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Monday, 1 May 2017


The star of May's calendar photo is beautiful Babe - who many of you will have followed the story of last year.  A New Forest Pony...and to the male ponies at the yard she is a super model of the horse world!!!  Our volunteer Roy is also one of Babe's biggest fans and she always enjoyed his brushing/grooming sessions - she is one of those ponies who seems to enjoy being pampered!

April's calendar entry was postponed because of the importance of the search for Jeremy (who we are still hoping will turn up somewhere)...but April featured volunteer Peter with Arthur the pony out for an adventure with Oscar the dog (who's expression really did indicate he was having a "whale of a time" too)!

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