Tuesday, 7 August 2018


August is the last 2018 calendar photo of Wolfie and Breeze together - it was taken last summer - Breeze has had a few star appearances on the calendar this year and of course when I designed the calendar I had no idea that we'd lose him this year - so this is the last calendar tribute to Breeze for this year.

On Sunday, Archie and I went to Porlock Country Fair with our fundraising stall.   Thea had very kindly donated the stall fee for us which we are very grateful for!  The tombola and the jams and marmalades were as popular as ever and Archie's Mum had baked some cakes for us to sell...we raised £140.40 for the ponies.  Catherine and Victoria did a great job at the yard and seem to have finally cracked the barricading of the ponies out of the "new hay side" of the barn.  It was quite tricky this year as the bales were stacked closer to the wall than we should have...and Munchie and Arthur are experts at finding a way through our initial efforts!  Margaret did the pony dinners and got Archie home again as he was so tired!

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