Thursday, 27 September 2018

Bisto and Lottie on Their Adventures

Bisto and Lottie and Becca have been bonding and learning to work together as a team. You can see in the photos how their confidence in each other is growing.  Bisto and Lottie love trotting so the rest of us are getting a good workout trying to keep up with them!! 

You can also see Bisto has been enjoying running around with his friends too!!

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Monday, 24 September 2018

Guess Who's Here?

A certain pony arrived here last Wednesday - back with the gang - we were hoping he was going to find a home with Tasha and Muddy but sadly it didn't quite work he's having a month here with our volunteer Lottie - her first ever full-on pony experience...

...And he's certainly had lots of super experiences in his last home with Jenny and Barnaby who are going to miss him very much!

If you haven't guess's Bisto!

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Belated September

It's a very belated September calendar blog here - sorry everyone!  It's been super busy here with everything ponies...there's been a month full of poorly volunteers and/or volunteers with poorly cars...combine this with study and consults time just flies so fast!  This month you've all had the gorgeous Wolfie to delight you - I love the light in this photo and how it brings out Wolfie's colours - all set against his mealy muzzle and eyes.  Wolfie is always a bit insecure but has a really lovely personality!  Munchie's been a bit poorly again so he's been trying out the Stream Z magnetic bands which do seem to be helping him. 

Last weekend we had a stall at an apple orchard open day and raised just over £52 for the ponies from sales on the tombola.

Autumn has certainly arrived - which brings much relief from the flies which were terrible throughout August..and the midges which Bobby will be very pleased about indeed!

We've also got a visitor here at the moment who arrived on Wednesday...more about that tomorrow!

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