Monday, 19 July 2010


Connor has been here for two days for handling practice. His new owners brought him to the 'Handling the Wild, Untouched and Traumatised Pony' course which Vanessa Bee runs here.

Connor is a 2 year old Welsh gelding, very pretty, but with big 'people problems' - probably stemming from his experience of forced handling when first headcollared, and when gelded.

His new owner Clare had managed to change his headcollar, which was tight, for another one - across the back of a tame pony! But Connor needed to overcome his fear, and Paul began work with him on Saturday morning using familiarisation techniques and remote pressure. We all watched as the short sessions continued through the day, resuming on Sunday and culminating in Connor being led out for the first time and walking into his trailer for the homeward journey.

He now lives with understanding and caring people who will not hurt him. Now that we've been able to show them some of our techniques we're sure that they will be able to continue to work with him in a positive way.

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Mousey loading! (and unloading)

Paul tried loading Mousey on the lead the other day. Because of her fear of humans she has only ever been loose-loaded before. This time, she walked up the ramp so smoothly that I nearly missed it with my camera. She was perfectly fine about going in, turning round and coming out again. Of course this is all with Paul, in whom she has such trust.

Mousey will soon be returning to the pony welfare organisation that she belongs to, and things will be very different for her. Because of her handling issues she may never be able to be rehomed, but will still be cared for by the charity.

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Sunday, 4 July 2010

Dressing up!

As promised, a picture of us in costume at St. John's Fayre in Witheridge last Saturday. There was also a lovely but lively Fell pony stallion in the procession whose rider opted to stick close behind Frodo 'because he's so well behaved!' and he was, as always when we do this! The noise, colour and diversity of participants is amazing but he copes really well, also with everyone wanting to pat and stroke him.

On the left is Noah, as Sir Thomas, in a magnificent yellow cloak and tunic that she had made herself (and thanks Paul for a very late night making her sword and shield after getting the hay in), then there's me - I am a Peasant, and looked the part even if I say so myself. I'm leading Frodo who wore a green and red strappy get-up that I'd made for him. In front are Emily who was a Jester, very colouful and tinkly with her red tights, tunic and jester's stick and hat and next to her is Lauren, a medieval lady in a white dress with red velvet sash and a headband to suit the period, carrying Sir Thomas's flag.

There were about 20 people to be judged and we didn't win one of the two £25 prizes, much to our dismay, but the Mayor gave us each £1 for an ice cream as a consolation.
Paul said 'we wuz robbed' ! Never mind, it was fun.

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