Friday, 28 April 2017

Two Upcoming Events

We're incredibly grateful to two of our supporters who have organised upcoming events to fundraise for P4P.  Thank you Thea and Angela!

Thea Holly is holding another of her wonderful workshops on Saturday 17th May at Bicknoller near Taunton.  There are still some places available on this one-day course so please get in touch with Thea if you would like to attend!

Angela is hoping to start her long distance quad bike adventure in mid May - all the way from Landsend to John O' Groats, then back to Landsend again.  She says she's hoping to be back in time before the Scottish midges come into force...we need her back for helping with haymaking too!!!  She's a very brave lady!!

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Wednesday, 26 April 2017


Here's Topsy for her fans (especially Thea and Helen)...Topsy's looking beautiful as always!

Her field is also going to be the hay field this year so she can't have the run of the whole field...we've had to section it off...hence the slightly disapproving expression in the second photo!  There's still plenty of grass for her to eat and we've made sure she has access to all her favourite locations.

Obviously we wouldn't normally turn ponies out on this much grass but Topsy, despite her youthful looks, is over 30 years old and needs as much to eat as possible to keep her weight on!

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Tuesday, 25 April 2017


Look who's been rumbled!!!!  Any guesses?   

Yep, it's Munchie who cheekily found himself the best spot "in the house"!!

He's doing so well with his rehab but has a hoof abscess at the moment that flaired up yesterday - he's been having extra special treatment and is still feeling perky despite having a poorly foot...he is getting better!  The old dead tissue in the foot has to go...making room for all that lovely new internal structure that's forming. 

Couldn't help but take some photos in the snow - absolutely freezing out there today, rather a shock after the warm weather we've been having recently!!  We'll look forward to posting Munchie's before and after photos soon...

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Saturday, 22 April 2017

Jeremy + April Update

Photo of Jeremy in his youth - with his lovely summer coat
It's four weeks today that we last saw Jeremy - a month now since he went missing.  We've been overwhelmed at how brilliant people have been at sharing the word about Jeremy.  Everywhere I've been across Devon people have heard about Jeremy the pony and ask me if there's any news about him.  They've either seen him on Spotlight, or read about him on Facebook....which has spread the word across the country.  We've even had one lady contact us from Scotland.  Despite all this wonderful support there have been no sightings or leads at all...we continue to hope that some sort of information or sighting might still be brought to light...having a pony disappear is not an experience I would wish on anyone...

P4P Smarty Pants is hoping for a
replacement companion to arrive soon.
There's so much to keep up on top of at the yard too - Roger has decided on the field we are going to use for hay for this year (not the one we were expecting), and home-checks and visits.  We're so grateful for the lovely weather that we've been having - it has really made such a difference with no mud to contend with.  The ponies are all in full shedding mode and Munchkin has been coming on leaps and bounds with his rehab.  Roy says that Munchie is a "completely different animal" to when he arrived in December.

The Friday before Jeremy disappeared we had been to visit Babe but her blog update was overtaken by events...but Frances has done an amazing job with Babe - following her "recommended plan" and her feet have continued to rehab.  Babe has certainly benefited from the 24 hour turnout she can also have on Frances' grass.  I know that Frances will always call if she's worried which is always a weight off of my mind!

With the spring grass "springing" up we feel so lucky to have landed on the path that we've been on with our project rehabbing the laminitics - the ponies that always had to be on super-restriction now have their summers back grazing with the herd and that is such an amazing gift to be out grazing and laminitis free - we love hearing those super hard hooves in the yard too.  Hooves that are self maintaining, sound on all surfaces, and so hard they sound just like horseshoes.  Munchie will get there too...he's still a bit too early on in his rehab to let him go fully on the grass yet but he is getting grass turnout at the beginning and end of the day...we'll increase it once the grass passes its lushest growing season.

Lots of happy stories...we just wish Jeremy's story would have a happy end too....

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Sunday, 16 April 2017

Horse & Hound Feature Jeremy

Thank you to Horse and Hound magazine for featuring Jeremy -

We heard from Jenny who has Bisto this week and it was lovely to have an update on how well he's doing.  They were stopped earlier in the week by someone asking if Bisto was the stolen pony "off the TV" -  Bisto is a half brother to Jeremy so it was very clever good to hear that people are looking after seeing the feature...but not Jeremy on this occasion...please do keep looking though...3 weeks now he's been missing and still no sightings or leads....

Bisto, half brother of Jeremy
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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Jeremy Feature On BBC Spotlight

No sightings of Jeremy the pony as yet, so please keep sharing - he may be elsewhere in the SW or further afield even...

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Monday, 10 April 2017

BBC Spotlight and BBC Radio Coverage To Help Find Jeremy

We are very grateful for the coverage been given to missing Jeremy today by BBC Spotlight, BBC Radio stations and Pirate FM.  It has been just over 2 weeks now since Jeremy disappeared and despite all efforts there have been no sightings of him.

Since Jeremy disappeared, local residents have assisted by thoroughly searching the local area - but sadly there have been no sightings of Jeremy at all.   A Facebook page "Help Find Jeremy" has also been set up to help search for him.

Faye Stacey, head of People4ponies, said "We are all devastated that Jeremy has disappeared. What is so strange is that there is no trace of him anywhere - it looks very much as if he has been taken.  If he has indeed been stolen, he may no longer be in the area. He may have even been sold on. We are all extremely concerned for his welfare and continue to ask for the public's help in finding him.

One of our supporters has generously offered a £500 reward for information leading to the safe return of Jeremy in the hope that it might prompt someone to come forward with information.

If someone does think they saw something, or think they have seen a pony matching Jeremy's description we would ask them to get in touch".

 Jeremy is an Exmoor X, bay gelding - light brown in colour and is approximately 12 hands high.

If anyone wishes to share information or sightings of Jeremy anonymously, they can contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. They can also report information by calling Devon and Cornwall Police on 101 and quoting crime reference number CR022583/17; or by contacting People4ponies directly on 07968 071179 or

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Please Help To Find Jeremy - Still Missing/Stolen - £500 Reward donated...Please Share

Please Help Us Find Jeremy

**A £500 reward has been donated for information leading to the safe return of Jeremy the pony**

We really need to ask for everyone's of our charity ponies has been stolen. 

Jeremy the pony has disappeared without trace from the Morwenstow/Welcombe area on the Cornwall/Devon border. He was last seen on the evening of Saturday 25th March 2017.

He is missing, possibly stolen. The whole area has been searched over and over again and there is absolutely no sign of him anywhere.

Please help us to find Jeremy - he is an Exmoor X, bay gelding, approx. 12hh.

The Police have issued a press release and have sent Jeremy's description out via HorseWatch and FarmWatch.

There is a "Help Find Jeremy" page on Facebook dedicated to finding him.

We are devastated that this has happened. If you think you have seen Jeremy, or have any information about him, or his whereabouts (calls can be taken anonymously), please either contact:

• Devon and Cornwall Police by calling 101, and quoting crime reference number CR022583/17

• People4ponies on 07968 071179, or by email at:

  • If anyone wishes to share information or sightings of Jeremy anonymously, they can contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

A "Find Jeremy" page has also been added to our main website - please share the link to the webpage, this blog posting, and continue to share via Facebook.  
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