Saturday, 27 November 2010

Snow in November

Yesterday was sunny and calm but then in the early afternoon it became very dark and suddenly it was snowing hard - a real blizzard - and it settled fast. It slowed down after about half an hour and by then we were preparing to bring in Mousey and Ginger (2 hours earlier than usual).
The boys watched as we headcollared the two girls, but Frodo took matters into his own hands, popping straight out under the tape and making it very obvious that he wanted to come out too. Paul started to put a headcollar on him but we'd only brought two so he let him go past without one - our lane is very quiet and he would usually only stop and graze. However he rushed out and hurried after me as I was leading Ginger up the drive! "I've no time for grazing let me get IN!" So we made him comfortable in his little workshop stable and he has been in for the night. I think we've got the water situation under control now - the pink container is outside and he has to put his head through the bars to drink. No matter what we put it in, if it's reachable with a hoof he will pull it over and then we have a flood.

I went back down and took the snowy picture after Paul had put some hay out for the boys - Muddy, Bobby, Rocky and Dan. It was such a gloomy afternoon but they were happy once they had the hay. We are into the 2010 hay now - it is VERY good hay, from a June cut. Thank you, Ted and Jenny, what would we do without this amazing donation! Frodo had the 2009 hay, damped, and had to put up with it. It's perfectly fine but he knows there is superior stuff!

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Thursday, 11 November 2010

Mousey's still with us and doing well

A couple of nice pictures of Mousey with Gill and Margaret taken over the last two weeks. She copes well with our volunteers doing a bit of gentle and rhythmical grooming, so we are pushing the boundaries a bit in this respect.

I am really chuffed to have headcollared her whilst wearing strange clothing (yes, I know, all my clothes are strange!)

The first time was in the morning, so she was in her stable. It was cold and wet so I had on a rustle-y waterproof jacket on and, feeling a bit under the weather with a cold, I was reluctant to take it off. So I
thought, well, if I can't do it I'll get Paul to headcollar her. There was no hurry anyway. (Which, of course, there should never be). I just kept on, doing advance and retreat to her face and neck, until she allowed my hand, with the unfamiliar sleeve, to rest on her forehead. Then smoothly down and under her chin to maintain the contact while I slipped the noseband over her muzzle.

Then this afternoon getting her in from the field with a strong wind blowing, I had a different coat on with larger cuffs - I was quite prepared to take it off but thought I would try the same technique first, and it worked really well. I had to push the cuffs up a bit as she would have spooked if they had touched her face.

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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

A good old pony

Here's Ginger, who has been with us since last January. On board is Celeste, who spent a few days with us in October. She usually rides Frodo but this time she took Ginger out as well. It is the first time this old pony has been ridden here apart from a couple of trips down the drive with toddlers on her. Celeste didn't go far but was very pleased at how responsive Ginger still is - she must have been ridden by many children in the past. I think they both really enjoyed it!

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