Wednesday, 30 December 2015

2015 Round Up

2015 is about to come to an end - another year has zoomed by...with rather a lot of rain it must be said!  So it's time to do a round up of our year - and it's also an excuse to share some of our favourite photos from the year!


We did quite a lot of pony training during the first half of the year (particularly when it was drier!).  Dan and Bobby competed in their first ever Horse Agility competitions winning 2nd and 3rd rosettes...whilst Rocky and Arthur shared a 1st in one of their competitions!  Arthur progressed with his ridden work and won our first ridden Horse Agility rosette.  


Arthur learnt a new trick for his Horse Agility which entertained us all!

We had the triumph of St John's Fayre and the parade - a super effort from our ponies and volunteers!


We rounded up our conservation ponies

We campaigned in Parliament on Animal Welfare issues and continued our work educating people about what really happens on Dartmoor.  We finally found the Hot Branding Code of Conduct...and dispelled rumours that Harrods were going to stock Dartmoor Pony meat!

Sadly we have lost some ponies this year so we have had tributes to p4p ponies Misty and Mrs Brownhead...and then the unexpected actions of others that led to the death of Mousey...a journey of one pony which will not be forgotten...and the experiences, emotions and lessons of all the people she encountered and taught along the way - she drew out the truth behind situations and people - something which we will never forget.

 We patrolled and monitored the autumn wild pony markets


All our loan ponies happy and busy in their homes!  Lulu found a new home...or re-found a home as she was reunited with her previous fosterers!

September brought the relief of successful haymaking!

We ran lots of fundraising stalls to raise money for the ponies!

We were lucky enough to have special visits, and a course run in aid of P4P!

A hedgehog arrived in need of rehabilitation and is 
continuing to make progress 

And of course our ponies finished December with a check up on their teeth!

Our 2016 calendar is sold out and has been the most popular yet so 
keep an eye out for calendar updates for each month next year!

So that's a quick round-up of our year!  So big thank you's to all our volunteers, sponsors and supporters - we wish you all a very happy and healthy 2016!

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Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Three Cheers For Bill!

Thank you so much to Bill Lomas who came to do equine dentistry for our ponies today - Bill is so brilliant with the ponies - his bedside manner is fantastic and he's able to get the ponies used to what he's doing and make it a positive experience for them all - no sedation required.  All the ponies had their teeth done today including Topsy which is such an achievement!  Peter came to help us today and Bill was great at showing Peter what he was doing!

Getting Dan used to the rasp

Arthur having his teeth done.

Bill and Bobby

Topsy and Bill!
Bill, Frodo & Peter

Peter taking a look inside Arthur's mouth

Bill showing Peter plaque build up around one of Dan's teeth.

This is what Bill was showing Peter - the green colour
surrounding the tooth is the plaque...

...and here's the tooth after the plaque's been removed! 
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Thursday, 24 December 2015

Merry Christmas!

We'd like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!  

We hope you all enjoy the festive period!  Thank you so much to everyone for your Christmas wishes, donations to the ponies, and for all your amazing support!  We really appreciate it!  We wanted to share the picture above - it is a beautiful pastel Christmas card sent to us by Margaret Cruft which she very cleverly designed with Topsy and Ebony as the star ponies - thank you Margaret!  The photo below was sent to us by Bisto and his family who have certainly been getting into the festive spirit! Just some of the lovely messages we have received!

So whether you decide to go out and brave the weather...

Christmas Eve - 11.30am!

 ...Or stay in for delicious snacks!

 All the ponies and one special little hedgehog hope you have a special day tomorrow....

 ...And watch out for the lovely full moon which is going to be at its fullest on Christmas Day!  The ponies will be having special apple treats to celebrate their Christmas...treats for everyone tomorrow!  Merry Christmas everybody!

Christmas Eve Full Moon

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