Sunday, 18 March 2018

The "Mini Beast From The East" Strikes!

We woke up to snow already on the ground this late morning snow started falling and became heavy for the duration of the afternoon - this photo of Rocky shows just how snowy it's been!  As always, they don't have to stay out in the snow, they can get into the barn or stable, but they are happy to stay out in it all.

Star and Topsy were definitely pleased to have their extra feeds - this time the snow was forming snowballs on their tails and fetlocks.

This morning it wasn't quite so snowy so they all enjoyed a trip out into the fields.  Munchie and Frodo rolled and did their best at doing "snow angels"!  I'm not sure the marks were very angel-like but they enjoyed themselves!

 It's a bit of a contrast to yesterday when Muddy came to visit!  It was getting increasingly colder but no real snow - he rode out in his headcollar yesterday and came to see Frodo and Munchie.

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