Sunday, 25 March 2018

Jeremy Still Missing

It's a sad anniversary today because it's a year ago today that we have our last memories of Jeremy the pony - it remains so incomprehensible that a pony can disappear without a single trace.

And he's not just in our thoughts at P4P - he was a beloved family pony.  He had been helping a family so much through their ups and downs with their continuing battle against cancer - they are all so brave and it's so unfair - they have had to deal with so much already and then the loss of Jeremy as well - he is a member of their family.  Moving him to live with our other ponies on a conservation site was meant to be a paradise where his family could come and see him whenever they wanted...and yet what seemed like a perfect idea turned into a nightmare.  Not knowing what happened to him is the hardest thing of all.

I'll repost his info below in the hope that someone might have some information regarding him:

Jeremy the pony has disappeared without trace from the Morwenstow/Welcombe area on the Cornwall/Devon border. He was last seen on the evening of Saturday 25th March 2017. He is missing, possibly stolen. The whole area has been searched over and over again and there is absolutely no sign of him anywhere. Please help us to find Jeremy - he is an Exmoor X, bay gelding, approx. 12hh. 

 There is a "Help Find Jeremy" page on Facebook dedicated to finding him.

You can contact us at People4ponies on 07968 071179, or by email at:  or Devon and Cornwall Police by calling 101, and quoting crime reference number CR022583/17

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fjk42 said...

so sorry to hear Jeremy is sill missing. There seems to be rise in theft of pets, including ponies and dogs, and meanwhile someone is killing pet cats in the south east. Unfortunately these incidents seem to be given lower priority by police who seem not to understand that these pets are family members, not mere possessions.