Monday, 19 March 2018

Mini Beast From The East - Day 2!

Brace yourselves for an overload of photos of ponies in the snow!  I've taken so many photos today we have enough to keep us going for years for calendar photos!  

The girls' field with their tracks + nose shovelling in the snow

Topsy looks so beautiful in the snow - and very much Devon pink in colour!  A very wise old girl she knows exactly what to do to find grass in the snow. She came into the barn today and allowed me to remove all the massive snowballs from her fetlocks and tail. the main pony field a snow drift was causing quite an was Star!   

Looking very handsome!
What's this?
Testing the drift...
Right...just plough through it!
Nose to nose
Looking even more handsome!

Frodo decides to plough into the drift!
Arthur investigates whilst Frodo wades in the drift.

Spot Arthur!  The best place to roll seems to be in the drift itself!

Very snowy!
Munchie nose ploughing!

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