Friday, 2 March 2018

Day 2 Of The Snow!

We certainly had plenty of snow as part of storm Emma yesterday and it's stayed pretty cold and arctic like today - with snow falling and strong winds.  There was also a layer of ice on the fallen snow which made it difficult to walk through - and very difficult to get the wheelbarrows through too!  The handles were all frozen up too so very chilly. 

Archie very bravely offered to come over and help today - he lives nearby and could walk over so his efforts were very much appreciated.  He opened the field gate for the ponies this morning and they were still keen to go out so we got some lovely photos!  With Archie's help we sorted out all the haynets for this evening and refilled all the water bowls again.  We worked out a good technique for moving the full wheelbarrows through the deep snow - a team effort with one person pulling it through and the other one pushing the barrow through.

It just amazes me how much ponies will chose to stay out in these condition - obviously they are very well adapted.  They have plenty of food on offer - both out and under the shelter, and they have free access to go in and out of the barn and stable as they wish...but I think it's the first time I've seen icicles on our ponies before!

Icicles on Star

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