Saturday, 10 March 2018

Surprise Visit!

Look who dropped by on his hack today...we had a surprise visit from Muddy and Tasha!  Oh my goodness he's looking extremely handsome and beautiful...and without a single trace of mud or being rained on at all - so smart!  He and Tasha make a great team together!  They've moved house and so live nearby now.
Munchie in particular was so pleased to see Muddy and they spent a long time sniffing and grooming and generally squealing and biting/licking eachother - they spent so much time together - buddies reunited - they are half brothers.  Bobby and Rocky made their way over too - not quite believing their eyes at who had appeared!  Tasha said she took Muddy to Chumleigh Horse Show last year and they won some of the in-hand classes including smartest pony - he does look very smart indeed!

Following on from our previous post, I also received an update today about Holly who was the fourth pony who went to Horseworld and she is also happily rehomed as a child's riding pony.

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