Monday, 26 September 2016

Commiserations and Thanks!

Our commiserations are with Angela who reluctantly has had to abandon her quadbike adventure.  On Friday we had an email to say that things hadn't gone to plan but she is safe!  Sadly her quadbike had a serious problem north of Thirsk and couldn't be easily it was a case of being stuck with no local dealers who could fix it, or using the option of her roadside rescue company and being taken to anywhere in the UK of her choice, sensibly home was the best option!  Poor Angela!  She has been very determined to undertake this trip so she is going to try again in the least this was a bit of a test run....hopefully her trusty "quadzilla" can be fixed.

On a brighter note, a big thank you to Thea and her students who raised an amazing £285 for the ponies on their healing course at the weekend.  Such an amazing effort...we can't thank everyone enough...we really, really, appreciate it!

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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Babe Update + Other News

I thought Babe was overdue an update on the blog...and many thanks again to Paul who came over today to help us out.
Babe on arrival in February
Babe, for those who don't already know, arrived in February and came to us because she had pedal bone rotation in all four feet and was within days of being put to sleep.  She had laminitis induced by veterinary treatment for an abscess - the drugs caused a catastrophic chain of events.  She was at serious risk of not recovering.  Laminitis was occurring in a vicious cycle and every time her feet were trimmed she was sore - I distinctly remember the description I was given over the phone of how Babe was sitting on a fence after a trim trying to take the weight off of her feet because they were so painful.

Babe in June

Babe arrived a very poorly girl, and, although we couldn't promise a successful rehab, we would do our best with the knowledge and experience we have gained.  What we were really determined about was that we would be providing different surfaces but not trimming as a set course of action.  No trimming is not the traditional veterinary and farrier approach.  We have seen horses in long periods of pain from having been trimmed and just as they are recovering they are trimmed again and can't move...we have never seen this action result in a successful rehab.

We wanted Babe to be comfortable as quickly as possible, to be moving about and trimming her feet herself on the different surfaces.  We were quickly able to keep her comfortable with our different supportive surfaces, herbal and essential oil pain relief, and her hoof boots which helped her on hard and non-supportive surfaces.  To start with she was in a yard on her own with different surfaces so she could move wherever and whenever she wanted - the others were just over the gate to keep her company but could not hassle her into moving more than she wanted.  There was a lot of focus on Babe with detoxing and getting her body better...which took A LOT of herbs...for which we are so thankful to the ladies at Naturally Animals who helped us by donating herbs for Babe..

Babe hoof late February
 We witnessed her self trimming her feet, her hoof structures getting better and better.  A couple of abscesses were treated very quickly and successfully using soaking, essential oils and homeopathy, showing us that abscesses are part of the rehab process - the necrotic, damaged tissue in the foot has to come out and this is how the body deals with it.   We have seen her hooves becoming sounder and sounder - she can walk confidently over cobbles and stones...and be part of the herd routine, back to grazing with the ponies on a normal routine, even in the height of summer...we couldn't wish for more....

The same Babe hoof today after her toe tidy up (7 months on from the hoof above)

This photo of a back hoof before the"tidy up" today shows how the heels have
self trimmed but the toe has remained because of the harder hoof structure

Babe is now very close to having a full new hoof capsule.  What we have discovered is that as Babe came into the laminar wedge section of her self-trimming she has needed some assistance...The Easy Care website describes the laminar wedge as "Horn that fills in the space created when the coffin bone rotates or displaces in the hoof capsule during laminitis...some experts say to remove the laminar wedge, others recommend leaving it".  Up until now she has had no intervention...but this part of hoof now at the bottom of the toe has been so hard that Babe hasn't been able to self trim it.  Her heels and back half of the foot have continued to be self trimming, but the very hard outer part at the toes hasn't been shifting.  We didn't want a hoof trim, just a toe tidy up, which Paul has been helping us with...  Babe has fantastic white lines and no seedy toe.  We think when she gets past the last part of the laminitic wedge she will be back to self maintaining/trimming again...we just have to wait it out.  There is a big horizontal line nearly at the bottom of the hoof - this is the beginning of her new capsule hoof and the end of the damaged tissue from those laminitic close, but probably about another 3-4 weeks before we see what happens...

In other P4P news...

Angela has been making good progress and had been past Stonehenge, Silverstone, Duxford and the last we heard was on her way to Thirsk on her big quadbike adventure....

Thea's course is now full with 18 participants - thank you so much everyone!

Thank you to Margaret who has bought us some new yard equipment today - poo scraper tools are a very essential part of our operation!

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Friday, 16 September 2016

Angela's Adventure Has Begun!

A huge well done to Angela who has set off on her mission to travel from Lands End to John O' Groats and back on her "unsupported" quadbike adventure across the UK.  She's so brave!  Angela's hoping to raise some money for p4p along the way which we are very grateful for!  The journey's been a bit delayed since her house flooded with all the torrential rain in Cornwall this week so it's already been a challenging few days...our best wishes are behind you Angela for a safe journey and we hope you enjoy your big adventure with no more adverse weather along the way!

Our thanks also go to Thea who already has 12 people enrolled on her workshop on the 25th - the room rent has been reduced for the day as it's an event which will raise funds for us...thank you so much everyone for your support, we really appreciate it!

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Thursday, 1 September 2016


Being the 1st September we have a new calendar picture!  This month isn't a's Oscar the dog helping with the hay making!  A very happy dog with hay all over his nose!

September is not usually the month to do haymaking...but last year it rained so much it was September when we made our hay...and it wasn't until the 9th September that it was finally ready to bale.  It was such incredibly hard work - the ground was very wet and the tractors had to be switched on the hay turner because 4 wheel drive was needed to get traction on the ground.  The grass itself was so wet and thick it had to be hand turned as well as tractor turned each day.  And it was cold some days was successful and Oscar helped by rolling in the piles of hay (perhaps his way of helping to dry it out!)...and the ponies are now eating their way through the bales we made so they approve of our efforts!!

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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Honiton Success

We had a really successful day on Saturday at the Mind, Body and Spirit Fayre in Honiton - thank you very much to Peter who came to help on the stall...and to Julie, Thea and Diane who travelled a long way to come and support us - thank you ladies!  It was lovely to see you all.

Thank you to everyone who visited our stall - we raised a much appreciated £103.96 for the ponies!  And thank you to Faie, Rachel and Margaret who looked after the ponies on the day!

We must post about Babe again soon as she is so close to completing her rehab.  The last part of the laminar wedge has reached the bottom of her foot - up until now she has self trimmed perfectly but the laminar wedge was so solid at the toe (more like concrete than hoof) it wasn't wearing away like the rest of the foot.  Paul kindly came over and removed this excess part at the toe - nothing else was trimmed - just a toe tidy up.  She's looking very smart!!  It's so amazing that she has a new hoof capsule in 6-7 months...she was such a poorly girl when she arrived she was within days of being put to sleep if she didn't come to us.

Thank you to everyone who has provided extra support whilst I've been getting "back to normal" after being poorly.  Particularly Margaret has worked super hard to make sure I don't over-do things!!

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Saturday, 20 August 2016

People4ponies Calendar 2017 Is Now Available!

We are very pleased to announce that our People4ponies Calendar 2017 has arrived and is now available for sale!!  Congratulations to Claudia Mellor whose photo of Ebony has made the front cover! Thanks to Vistaprint we are able to offer our super quality glossy calendars for £6 each this year - all profit going to the care of our ponies!

Our calendar for 2017 features Ebony, Puffin, Breeze, Arthur, Babe, Wolfie (+Dan in the background!), Topsy, Frodo, Rocky, Bobby, Basil, Lulu, Buffy and Jaffa Cake!  Also featured are our volunteer Peter...and Mia and Violet who are big fans of Babe and Frodo...and Oscar the dog who was enjoying a walk out with Arthur...and Beth the donkey and a deer!!

Our calendars have glossy photos with a central binding, each side measures 279 x 216mm (just a bit narrower than A4)  so is nice and big when fully open and displayed on the wall (279 x 440mm).

We'll add the calendar to the shop on the main People4ponies website shortly...please do get in touch to order your copy!  They make lovely Christmas presents and we will also have them available on our stalls for as long as stocks last!!

People4ponies Calendar 2017

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Friday, 19 August 2016

Healing Workshop In Aid of P4P

We have another big thank you today because Thea is running a workshop in September and is very kindly donating the proceeds from the day to P4P - thank you Thea!  Here's the poster with more details for need to book your place so please contact Thea via Facebook or the numbers below!  Last year everyone had a great day at Horner Woods and 6 people have their places booked already for this year...Thank you everyone on behalf of all the ponies!

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Thursday, 18 August 2016

Angela's Big Adventure!

Angela is embarking on one of her life's ambitions this September!  She is going on an adventure, travelling from Land's End to John O' Groats and back on a quadbike!  She's going to camp, and stay with friends on the way...and she's hoping to raise funds for P4P as one of her chosen charities!  Thank you Angela! She's testing out her trusty new quadbike...and then her set off date is planned to be 7th September!     Way to go Angela!...and thank you so much for raising funds for the ponies along the way!

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Monday, 15 August 2016

Good To Be Back

Sorry for the break in blogging everyone - I'm afraid I've been off ill for quite a few days now so a big thank you to everyone who's rallied around to look after the ponies - Margaret in particular, Roy and Jas, Nicole and Martin.  It'll be a while before things are back to normal so Margaret and Roy are giving a extra helping hand this week as well.  I even missed my 10 year anniversary - the 8th August 2006 was the first time I visited to help at p4p!

Lovely sunny day today so pony photos with blue sky!

Topsy photo for Helen!


Wolfie and Dan

The hedgehogs are doing fine - it's very tricky to get photos of them now as they are only coming out at night but they are about.  Apparently they tried to get into Martin's tent on Thursday night which is the second time they've tried this - quite adventurous little hedgehogs!

Thank you to Thea for all the apples and items she sent for the ponies for their fundraising stalls...and to Julie (of Prism Equine Laundry) for delivering them...and for donating the clean of a rug which we have to sell.

Lots of impressive achievements happening in the olympics!  Having seen some showjumping the other day I just wondered why the horses are the only athletes competing in the olympics that can get hit with a stick/whip???  Thankfully it's not something the human hurdlers have to deal with! I think the horses should be afforded the same courtesy!

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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

It's August

So the beginning of August means that we have a new calendar page...and this month features beautiful Maisie who is one of the traumatised mares from the original group of rescued ponies.

She is such a good looking girl!  I first met her when 6 ponies that had been out conservation grazing were losing the land they were on.  Maisie was one of 6 to come back at that time.  From that group Maisie, Star and Misty ended up being a little group which went out conservation grazing on a Devon Wildlife Trust site (once their handling was complete).  The site they were on ended up being fairly wet and it hadn't suited Maisie's feet - Star and Misty were fine but Maisie's hooves were not coping well.  So she came back from the site to get her back on track.  Cilla was looking for a home for Maisie and luckily enough Frances offered her a home.  As you saw the other week, Maisie's son Jaffa Cake also went to live there too, such lucky ponies!  Maisie is a strong matriarchal character - rather wise and even though Babe is much bigger than Maisie, I'm sure that Maisie is going to show that she's definitely the boss!  Babe's up for an easy life anyway so I don't think that will be a problem!!!

Star, Misty, and Maisie in the foreground
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