Monday, 20 November 2017

In Memory of Treacle

We're having a sad afternoon as Treacle the farm cat was put to sleep today.  He'd been on the farm for 3.5 years and came as a rescue cat through the Cats Protection League - a wild, feral cat from Dartmoor.  Ted and Jenny say that he was the most characterful cat they've had.  He chose to be a cat who enjoyed his creature comforts!  He liked to come indoors to sit on Jenny's lap when she phoned her sister in the evening - it would be rare for him not to magically appear at the back door at just the right time (not a regular time arrangement) and meow to come in. 

With dogs he was more like a panther than a cat - there was no dog that he couldn't sort out - even the most determined terriers got a good swipe with the claws when they were least expecting it - even the Patterdale was sorted out!

He was a devil at waiting for cake to be left unattended so he could steal some to eat - and he wasn't fussy on the variety either - cheese scones...he even attacked my birthday carrot cake one year and pulled it down onto the floor where the 3 dogs were waiting and they shared it between them!

Oscar the dog had a history of chasing cats before he came to us...Treacle sorted him out before long.  They came to enjoy each others company with Treacle often walking side by side with Oscar on the evening walk and they would even share a dinner bowl of food together.

He did sleep in some extraordinary poses too!

The vet reckoned Treacle was at least 14 years old - his heart was still strong, thyroid good, no diabetes but sudden renal failure meant it was his time to go.  We shall all miss Treacle...

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Sunday, 19 November 2017

Christmas Without Cruelty Festival

We had an amazing day at the Christmas Without Cruelty Festival yesterday - the biggest crowds ever, and the hall was very busy through-out the whole day!  We completely sold out of Margaret's jams and marmalades which are incredibly popular!  I'm very grateful for Frances' help on the stall!  I'm also very grateful to Catherine and Victoria for looking after the ponies and to Roy for doing their dinners in the evening.  We raised an amazing £291.50 on the stall - thank you so much everyone for your support, and to Mark for all his work organising the event!

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Friday, 10 November 2017

Babe, Maisie and Jaffa

Jaffa and Babe!
 We really enjoyed our visit to see Babe and her friends today.  It's a year tomorrow that Babe went to stay with Frances, Maisie and Jaffa and she's doing brilliantly.  Roy is so chuffed to see her charging about!  The girl that in February 2016 was so poorly she was nearly put to sleep because of her feet (laminitis and pedal bone rotation)...she came to us for rehab...she was rehomed with Frances...and now she's on 24 hour turnout and full of the joys of life :0)  We love happy pony stories :0)

Maisie had a swollen leg this morning so had some red light therapy.
The heat went away in 20 minutes and Maisie who is usually suspicious of men nuzzled
her head into Roy's arm which was very sweet.  She decided to join in the charging
 about this afternoon!
Babe, Jaffa and Maisie

Jaffa and Babe synchronized!


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Monday, 6 November 2017

Christmas Without Cruelty Festival

Less than 2 weeks to go until our most favourite fundraiser of the whole year!  The Christmas Without Cruelty Festival in Exeter is a great place to buy your Christmas gifts - all in the knowledge that what you are buying is animal and human friendly! 

We'll have our fundraising stall there with our calendars, jewellery, jams and marmalades, fair trade scarves and soft toys on sale.  They have a Facebook page at the following address:  We look forward to seeing you there!

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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

November's Here

This month's calendar photo features beautiful Babe the pony with visitors Mia and Violet - a special moment captured on camera.  Ponies can bring a real sense of joy to children and sometimes, as captured in the photo, you can see that special connection and bond coming through...something that can be underestimated and undervalued.  Babe is a big pony...and the children in no way feel scared by her size.  Babe certainly chose to bond with the children of her own free will - everyone is so respectful of each other and they share the special heart to heart moment together.

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Sunday, 29 October 2017

South Molton Apple Fair

Thank you to everyone who supported us on our P4P stall today!  We raised £123 for the ponies so thank you to Peter for helping to run the tombola and Margaret and Jas for looking after the ponies at the yard!

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Thursday, 26 October 2017

People4ponies 2018 Calendar Now Available For Sale!

We're delighted to have the 2018 People4ponies calendar now ready for sale!  We're very grateful to Hedgerow Print for their help in producing the 2018 edition!  It's the same great quality glossy print... and now with an even better grid section which includes separate colour coded weekends and bank holidays, moon cycles, and a snapshot for the following month so you can check out dates without needing to flip over the page!  This year's calendar is available for £6.50 and all profits go to the care of our ponies. 


Our calendars have glossy photos with a central binding, each side measures 279 x 216mm (just a bit narrower than A4)  so is nice and big when fully open and displayed on the wall (279 x 440mm).We'll add the calendar to the shop on the main People4ponies website shortly...please do get in touch to order your copy!  They make lovely Christmas presents and we will also have them available on our stalls for as long as stocks last!!

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Saturday, 21 October 2017

Hallworthy Horse Sale

We are pleased to report a very much improved horse sale at Hallworthy market today.  Both Trading Standards and Defra were present at the sale so we would like to thank everyone for their efforts - both in the planning of the sale, and during the sale today.

All the ponies/horses were in good condition.  One horse had cut its leg during transport but this was treated at the sale and didn't cause any problem.  There were domesticated horses and also wild ponies from Bodmin for sale.  All the horses and ponies were checked for their microchips before sale.  Straw had been put down in some areas and the handling/moving of the horses was much improved.  The weather was atrocious today but the sale was still very well attended with the gallery packed with people.  There was no official catalogue this year but there was a list of horses for sale published on the auction-house website (with just beyond 100 listed).  Not all the horses sold but a good number were and private homes were buying.

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Monday, 16 October 2017

Ex-Hurricane Ophelia Is Here

Red sun at 10.30 this morning!
Such an unusual start to the morning brought by ex-hurricane Ophelia!  There was a light covering of Sahara sand on the car before I left home.  The sky was yellow until about 9.45 and at 10.30 the clouds parted a bit to reveal a red sun!  Very unusual!

It has been getting increasingly windy so buckets are being stowed away - the good thing is, no rain!!  You can see in the left hand photo Arthur being blown a bit sideways by the wind.  Beautiful blue sky!

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Saturday, 14 October 2017

Pony Market News

We heard good general feedback about the Chagford pony sale on Thursday - the car park full of lots of private cars and trailers, not dealers lorries.  Ponies were in good condition - some made quite a lot of money (the spotty ones most likely as these are always popular).  Quite a few went unsold which is not surprising when there were so many entered.  Nothing outwardly noted as any concern which is great!  The publicity about slaughtering the ponies for meat (which reached all over the country) probably helped to attract some extra private buyers.  As we all know, there needs to be an end to the overbreeding of so many unwanted foals...and not using the excuse of "conservation" as a reason for producing them as a "by-product" but I think everyone is already very clear on our views about that!! 

It is so good to know that the promises of action made to us in the 5 page report we received back from the Cornish authorities last year regarding Hallworthy pony market are being carried out.  We appreciate the efforts of all involved to make sure that the sale will be the best it can possibly be.

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