Saturday, 25 March 2017


Today was a big day and change for Jeremy the pony...his foster family have lovingly cared for him for over 3 years but a change in circumstances means it is no longer possible for him to remain with them at home...not what they had wanted or planned at all and he has been very much part of the family...

...But we could provide the next best thing...he could join our other nature reserve ponies who live closeby and his foster family can still visit him whenever they like.  This site is PONY PARADISE and it means our little herd there has grown from a family of 3 to 4.  Huge thank yous to Vanessa and Lisa for loading and transporting Jeremy for us!

We just love this site so much!

Reunited...the boys meeting again

Jeremy, Breeze and Puffin

Beautiful site

video "flyby" from the boys

Later the ponies (they are in this photo!)


Breeze and Jeremy

Handsome Puffin

Happy herd together :0)

Blogger Anita Rayer said...
Thanks for all your support yesterday faye, mixed emotions, but lovely to see him looking so happy. I've set up a regular payment to sponsor him, will pop over next weekend and check up on them all. Anita x
26 March 2017 at 07:49

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Friday, 17 March 2017

East Moor Cows

Last weekend we again reported cows on East Moor to the authorities - 5 weeks after we originally reported them.  The cows have not been removed from the moor - nor have they been fed out on the moor by their owner and their condition has continued to deteriorate.  This is so frustrating - beef cows are worth a lot of money - and farmers on upland areas get good subsidies.  It was even stated in the Cornish news this week that the price of beef cows has gone up since Brexit!  It makes no economic sense to keep animals in this condition and is yet again not a good advert for Cornwall.  After so much media attention on East Moor last year too.  Is feeding your own animals really too much to ask?  It is covered in the legislation regarding farmed animals...

Feed, water and other substances

22.Animals must be fed a wholesome diet which is appropriate to their age and species and which is fed to them in sufficient quantity to maintain them in good health, to satisfy their nutritional needs and to promote a positive state of well-being.

24.   All animals must have access to feed at intervals appropriate to their physiological needs (and, in any case, at least once a day), except where a veterinary surgeon acting in the exercise of his profession otherwise directs. 

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Thursday, 9 March 2017

A Day of Spring...

It was a lovely spring day today and very much needed!  We were lucky enough to have Catherine come to help...which meant after doing all the chores Faye and Arthur were finally able to get back to some ridden work - something they've missed doing - Arthur was fab...remembered everything and showed off his skills.  Munchie was quite envious but he will have to wait some time before he can do ridden work again, so he had a go at some obstacles with Catherine "in-hand".

Roy and Joyce came to visit.  Roy was our "broom mechanic" of the day bringing a new broom and revamping some of the others - bringing us memories of the famous comedy sketch of Trigger still having his original broom after many years dedicated service (17 new heads and 14 new handles!).

Munchie is getting so much better every day and is shedding lots and lots of coat - he's nearly looking normal now but still has a way to go.  He has the same hoof condition as Babe but from different causes - he is a pedal bone rotation rehab case but we have also needed to rehab his kidneys and digestive system too.  He is coming along really well bless him and is following in Babe's hoofprints so to speak.  His hooves have improved a lot but it will be a quite before he has grown new hoof capsules.  He's always got a willing companion to help him eat hay when he's in the yard!
The other boys really aren't losing their coats yet - Frodo is usually the first to start losing his so they obviously think it's going to be a late spring this year...

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Friday, 3 March 2017

March Calendar Update and the "Young at Heart" Talk

Thank you to the "Young at Heart" group who invited Faye to visit this afternoon and talk about the work of People4ponies - it was lovely to meet everyone and we are very appreciative of their kind donations - thank you everyone!

We need to catch up with our P4P calendar stories as we have now reached March!  Puffin has cunningly featured himself on two consecutive months on the 2017 calendar.  We couldn't resist adding this photo which was captured by Margaret and Norman who fostered Puffin.  They went to check Puffin and Beth the donkey one morning and found that a deer had come out of the woods to join them.  They said it stayed with Puffin and Beth for a couple of days before disappearing again!  It's a fabulous photo and I love the expressions on their faces and the deer looking so majestic!  Thank you Margaret and Norman for letting us use the photo and for sharing it with everyone!

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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Mud, Mucking Out and Haynets

This is always the hardest part of the year - the last part of winter is always a slog - lots of rain... mud...the most hay to feed...which inevitably leads to more mucking out!  Whilst it is a slog there are always hints of promise...of a corner about to be turned...the days are getting longer/lighter, when the sun comes out there's a hint of warmth (so only 4 jumpers are needed rather than 6 to keep warm!), Topsy and Munchie are losing their coats, and when it's dry for a couple of days the mud actually starts to dry up a little bit...snowdrops and daffodils are out so spring is on it's way!! 🌞

We're so lucky to have the big concrete yard that the ponies have access to all the time. The ponies are so grateful for their extra herbs too...and for the extra apples Thea donated for them last week.  We'd also like to thank Roy, Margaret, Faie and Rachel who helped out last week so Faye could have 3 days off in a row - the first time off since 2013...thank you!

Dan had a foray on Saturday morning into Topsy's field which he really enjoyed!  He came down from the pony field to find the double gates just happened to be open...and the grass really is a lot greener on the other side!

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Saturday, 11 February 2017

Snow Ponies

We had snow showers this morning - although they lasted all morning they didn't settle - it was nice to see some snow but without any real extreme weather conditions!

Munchie's progressing well
with his rehab

Thank you to Roy for coming over to do some extra tractor work for us this afternoon - assisted by Archie in the yard too.  Margaret's been keeping the ponies stocked up with apples too which they really do appreciate!

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Friday, 3 February 2017

Bodmin Update - East Moor

Some of our supporters have been asking for a Bodmin update and whether we think there will be problems with the livestock this year...

...Last Sunday (29th January) we went to the Common which we highlighted with our welfare blog last year - where at least 23 ponies died and 42 were seized in emaciated condition.  It is certainly the area of Bodmin that received the most this is what we found last on the photos to enlarge them.

The Environment...The weather last weekend on East Moor really helped to show how bleak and poor the environment is up there...this Common is only approximately 3 miles in area, which might sound like a big area but this is what the animals have to eat...

"The better area" - one of the "river" channels where the grass is a little better than on the higher parts

The higher areas - very wet and the
 vegetation is extremely poor

The marsh areas - and lichen on
 the trees

The skull of one of last year's dead ponies 
When there is a rare patch of green grass, it is so intensively
used, particularly by the cows, that they are turning into latrine areas.
 The Livestock...On the 29th we saw 3 herds of beef cows - approximately 75 cows.  One herd was being fed on the moor and we saw them running to meet the farmer.

On the opposite side to the fed herd were two herds of thin beef cows - we passed the photographs on to Trading Standards, who in turn informed Animal Health and the Commoners Council, who we were told would visit the following day.  These cows were still out on the moor on the 3rd February.  They are clearly not able to get enough sustenance to maintain their body weights - as the photos show - spine, pelvis, hips and ribs all clearly visible.  

We didn't see any sheep out on the moor.
Thin beef cow with pelvis, hip, ribs and spine visible

Some of the ponies which were part of the September round-up have "disappeared" and haven't been seen for 2 weeks - they had tags in their mane and were spray painted.  We think that they must have been removed from the moor by their owner(s).  

There are 2 "unmarked" pony herds - some of these ponies were removed before the September round-up and then put back out after it had happened.  Whilst they wouldn't be considered thin yet, they have clearly lost their summer reserves now, the mares are pregnant and the spring grass doesn't come until May.  We will be watching...the ponies are still a concern to us, as are the cows!

                             So Bodmin is still an area to be watched this year!

Just for comparison - the photos below were taken on the north side of Dartmoor - just 25 miles away - they were taken the same day as the Bodmin photos and Dartmoor looks so much greener and so different to Bodmin!

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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

It's February!

For those of you turning over your People4ponies calendars, you will be greeted with an action photo of Puffin and Breeze - this photo was taken last year when Puffin went to join Star and Breeze on this beautiful conservation site by the sea - where they now reside as a trio.  As soon as Puffin and Breeze met they were instant best friends and Breeze took Puffin off on a tour of the site to see the highlights - they were side by side the whole way!  Such a lovely meeting and great that they are such best friends!

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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Happy Ponyversary!

Today it's Margaret and Gill's 10 year anniversary of their first ever visit to P4P...and they been amazing supporters ever since...thank you ladies!!  A good excuse for tea and cake to celebrate!  Happy Ponyversary!

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Monday, 23 January 2017

Ponies At Play

We love to see the ponies running around at play - Wolfie in particular is very playful and last week was captured on video playing with Arthur!


Thank you to Faie who came to help on Saturday and donated £20 from her violin playing to the ponies!  Thank you also to Thea who has been busy helping us!

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