Wednesday, 4 October 2017

You're Never Off Duty!

On Monday, on the last part of the late night journey home my headlights caught the red eyes of an animal in the road in front of me - I was expecting it might be a fox and it would jump into the hedge...but no!  Despite dipping the lights, the creature was running straight towards me...and as I slowed and got alongside it, it was a Springer Spaniel!   Very friendly but shouldn't have been out past 11pm running on the main road!  He was very friendly and with a bit of persuasion jumped straight into the car.  No collar...thank goodness for our microchip scanner...running it down his neck...beep...chip found!  Off to the local vets, who thankfully had a late night member of staff on duty who could look him up on their database.  When I went to the car to get the piece of paper with his chip number, I saw him sat in the drivers seat just holding my yoghurt (ready for breakfast) that he'd found in the passenger seat.  I went back inside the surgery, the vet tried the contact numbers of his owners several times...but no she agreed he could stay there until they could be contacted.  Borrowing a lead, I went to get him from the car and with a bit of persuasion he came into the vets where he could get settled in for the night.

Job done, back to the car just before mid-night...and I couldn't help but laugh when I found on the backseat of the car a perfectly clean and empty yoghurt pot, completely polished off, no mess on the car!  Obviously he was a very hungry boy and to be fair I hadn't said he couldn't have was my last one as that was breakfast gone!!!!  I found out that his name is Jester, which is very appropriate (!).  Happily the next day he was reunited with his owners!!!

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