Saturday, 14 October 2017

Pony Market News

We heard good general feedback about the Chagford pony sale on Thursday - the car park full of lots of private cars and trailers, not dealers lorries.  Ponies were in good condition - some made quite a lot of money (the spotty ones most likely as these are always popular).  Quite a few went unsold which is not surprising when there were so many entered.  Nothing outwardly noted as any concern which is great!  The publicity about slaughtering the ponies for meat (which reached all over the country) probably helped to attract some extra private buyers.  As we all know, there needs to be an end to the overbreeding of so many unwanted foals...and not using the excuse of "conservation" as a reason for producing them as a "by-product" but I think everyone is already very clear on our views about that!! 

It is so good to know that the promises of action made to us in the 5 page report we received back from the Cornish authorities last year regarding Hallworthy pony market are being carried out.  We appreciate the efforts of all involved to make sure that the sale will be the best it can possibly be.

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