Sunday, 1 October 2017

October Stars Basil!

October brings us wonderful Basil - I love this photo of him with the Devon village behind, the leaves turning autumnal and you can just about make out his friend Chester the horse behind him.  Basil's been very lucky to have a home with Carol on her farm.  He's a real character and definitely a member of the family!

I can't believe how wet the ground is this autumn - it's so wet underfoot already - much more like February than October, which is a bit of a worry because the winter is a long few months!  The main P4P herd is now out starting their winter pasture.  Topsy and Star had a flock of sheep visit for a few days to get the amount of grass down in their field.

Healing thoughts for Munchie please who, rather unluckily, has abscesses in both front feet at the moment, poor chap - he's getting lots of extra looking after.  He's on the very last bit of his old hoof with the whole new healthy foot above - very frustrating that the abscesses have appeared, and at the same time, but it's all part of the healing process, to get necrotic tissue out.

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