Saturday, 21 October 2017

Hallworthy Horse Sale

We are pleased to report a very much improved horse sale at Hallworthy market today.  Both Trading Standards and Defra were present at the sale so we would like to thank everyone for their efforts - both in the planning of the sale, and during the sale today.

All the ponies/horses were in good condition.  One horse had cut its leg during transport but this was treated at the sale and didn't cause any problem.  There were domesticated horses and also wild ponies from Bodmin for sale.  All the horses and ponies were checked for their microchips before sale.  Straw had been put down in some areas and the handling/moving of the horses was much improved.  The weather was atrocious today but the sale was still very well attended with the gallery packed with people.  There was no official catalogue this year but there was a list of horses for sale published on the auction-house website (with just beyond 100 listed).  Not all the horses sold but a good number were and private homes were buying.

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