Saturday, 15 July 2017

Mid July Catch-Up

Star and Topsy back out to their normal field

 Topsy and Star headed back out to "their" field on Thursday and are enjoying having the whole field back to themselves now that the haymaking is complete.  There are lots of long patches of grass around the edges and it's surprising how the cut grass which was brown is starting to green up already.

Beautiful Star....Lots of annoying flies this week!
We must send our condolences to poor Angela who despite all efforts has had to abort her trip from Lands End to John O' Groats and back on her quadbike.  She had managed to get a very long way north, to Blair Atholl -  the quadbike broke down and she ended up in a campsite for a month...a very long time to live in a tent(!)..waiting for a part to arrive from China for the bike.  Poor Angela!  Once this was fixed and she was on her way there were more problems so she ended up having to abort the mission.  Thankfully Green Flag got her home safely!  Such a brave effort!  Thank you so much to Angela for the £66 she raised for P4P along the way!

Munchie in the sunshine
We also need to say thank you to Clive and Jill for coming out to see us this week and to Clive for really listening to us and understanding our trimming needs for Munchie.  Poor Paul has had a back back for a while now so hoof trimming isn't a great help to it.  It is extremely important to us that a pony is not sore after a hoof trim.  Paul never made them sore from a trim but unfortunately there are very few people locally who seem to be able to achieve this - so it was a great relief for Clive to come and help us out.  Here's Munchie in the sunshine the day after his trim.  Great to see how far this chap and his feet have come over the last 7 months.

It was nice to visit Babe, Jaffa and Maisie yesterday too...again looking beautiful in the sunshine :0)

And finally a photo of Frodo for his fans!  I don't think he's ever been quite as trim as he's looking this year!!

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