Friday, 7 July 2017

Hay Preparation And Archie + Munchie's Challenge

The weather wasn't sunny today so there was only one turning of the hay...lots of work in the yard.  Margaret and Archie set up another patch for Star and Topsy to make sure they have plenty to eat whilst "their" field has been taken over.  Roy came over to move the bales in the barn and collect up all the loose we now have a lovely clear area to get everything stacked.

Archie took up the challenge of making an obstacle course of his own design to complete with Munchkin (our current rehab pony).  5 obstacles of any construction he wanted as long is it was safe and not too difficult to put up and take down again!  Archie came up with a very interesting and diverse course for them to try.  One of the obstacles was putting a hula hoop over Munchie's head so Archie was using advance and retreat to show Munchie this was OK and he was rewarded with Munchie achieving this - ears back in the second photo to show he is concentrating on the hoop rather than him being cross!  There was also a very interesting castle obstacle with a gateway section to walk through - all made out of boxes so very inventive!!  Apples for Munchie to finish with!!!

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