Thursday, 6 July 2017

Haymaking Is Underway!

After thinking that we definitely wouldn't be making hay this week...yesterday the weather forecast changed from weather warnings for torrential thundery showers, to no warnings at all and lots of plans change and now hay making is underway!  Topsy and Star have moved fields and thankfully we have enough spare patches of grass to keep them going for a few days.

It was extremely hot this morning so it was a sweltering job getting all the electric fencing down - Margaret braved the heat to help.  John and Ted had already serviced the grass cutter and hay turning equipment about a week ago so it was ready to go.  Ted cut the hay this morning, John turned it and then Ted did a last turning late this afternoon.  There'll still be a lot of turning to go before it's ready...

...So we have a "call to arms" anyone who can lend a hand to help us get the bales collected up off the field and stacked in the'll be a late afternoon/early evening job.  There is likely to be somewhere between 200 and 250 bales to move (not over a thousand like last year but still a lot to move).  If you think you can lend a hand, please get in touch - or 07968 071179.

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