Monday, 10 July 2017

Haymaking Is Complete...Phew!

Roger "rewing" up the hay
What a day it's been today!  We were all ready for the baling of our hay today - the hay was all dry, the baler was booked and everyone was on standby to come and help get the bales in the barn.  We knew the forecast for Tuesday was heavy rain so if we didn't get the bales in today then it would be a set-back of quite a few days!

Early this drizzled...not a lot, but enough to make the hay damp so it was going to need turning again...and this meant that the baler wouldn't be able to come - it was booked for a lunchtime slot and after this it was committed over at Jane's.  Once the hay was turned, the sun came out and the hay was drying nicely...Roger came to the rescue again and managed to find us a baler who could come this afternoon at short notice (amazing!) and Roger also came over to rewe up the hay for us.

The baler hard at work
The whole scenario had been off and on all day with the weather and logistical arrangements...but thankfully we were so lucky...Paul and his son arrived with the baler 4.30pm on the dot as promised - Archie arrived about a minute later to join Roy and John who were already onsite.  Over the course of the next hour we had an army of helpers which we are so grateful for - Catherine, Victoria, Edward, Faie, Rachel, Izy, Simon, Rupert and Peter.  There were 336 bales in all which we managed to get stacked in the barn by about 7pm.  They are a bit heavier than usual and we were grateful for the weather being in the high teens in temperature so we didn't get too hot.  We finished with the usual delicious snacks prepared by Margaret and Jenny to reward the workers for all their efforts.

THANK YOU so much everyone for your hard work which now means we have a barn full of hay again for the ponies.  A big thank you to Ted and Jenny who donate the hay for the ponies and for all the work Ted and John have done the last few days to get the grass cut and hay ready!
Archie, Edward and John with the big trailer, Ted supervising!

Chain of people getting the hay to the back of the barn

Munchie tried to persuade Izy into letting him try some ice-cream!

Thank you very much to our team of hard workers,
including Rupert and Peter who aren't featured here!

We had to include some photos of Oscar the dog supervising the hay in production!
Very cute!

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