Friday, 3 March 2017

March Calendar Update and the "Young at Heart" Talk

Thank you to the "Young at Heart" group who invited Faye to visit this afternoon and talk about the work of People4ponies - it was lovely to meet everyone and we are very appreciative of their kind donations - thank you everyone!

We need to catch up with our P4P calendar stories as we have now reached March!  Puffin has cunningly featured himself on two consecutive months on the 2017 calendar.  We couldn't resist adding this photo which was captured by Margaret and Norman who fostered Puffin.  They went to check Puffin and Beth the donkey one morning and found that a deer had come out of the woods to join them.  They said it stayed with Puffin and Beth for a couple of days before disappearing again!  It's a fabulous photo and I love the expressions on their faces and the deer looking so majestic!  Thank you Margaret and Norman for letting us use the photo and for sharing it with everyone!

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