Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Mud, Mucking Out and Haynets

This is always the hardest part of the year - the last part of winter is always a slog - lots of rain... mud...the most hay to feed...which inevitably leads to more mucking out!  Whilst it is a slog there are always hints of promise...of a corner about to be turned...the days are getting longer/lighter, when the sun comes out there's a hint of warmth (so only 4 jumpers are needed rather than 6 to keep warm!), Topsy and Munchie are losing their coats, and when it's dry for a couple of days the mud actually starts to dry up a little bit...snowdrops and daffodils are out so spring is on it's way!! 🌞

We're so lucky to have the big concrete yard that the ponies have access to all the time. The ponies are so grateful for their extra herbs too...and for the extra apples Thea donated for them last week.  We'd also like to thank Roy, Margaret, Faie and Rachel who helped out last week so Faye could have 3 days off in a row - the first time off since 2013...thank you!

Dan had a foray on Saturday morning into Topsy's field which he really enjoyed!  He came down from the pony field to find the double gates just happened to be open...and the grass really is a lot greener on the other side!

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