Friday, 17 March 2017

East Moor Cows

Last weekend we again reported cows on East Moor to the authorities - 5 weeks after we originally reported them.  The cows have not been removed from the moor - nor have they been fed out on the moor by their owner and their condition has continued to deteriorate.  This is so frustrating - beef cows are worth a lot of money - and farmers on upland areas get good subsidies.  It was even stated in the Cornish news this week that the price of beef cows has gone up since Brexit!  It makes no economic sense to keep animals in this condition and is yet again not a good advert for Cornwall.  After so much media attention on East Moor last year too.  Is feeding your own animals really too much to ask?  It is covered in the legislation regarding farmed animals...

Feed, water and other substances

22.Animals must be fed a wholesome diet which is appropriate to their age and species and which is fed to them in sufficient quantity to maintain them in good health, to satisfy their nutritional needs and to promote a positive state of well-being.

24.   All animals must have access to feed at intervals appropriate to their physiological needs (and, in any case, at least once a day), except where a veterinary surgeon acting in the exercise of his profession otherwise directs. 

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