Thursday, 9 March 2017

A Day of Spring...

It was a lovely spring day today and very much needed!  We were lucky enough to have Catherine come to help...which meant after doing all the chores Faye and Arthur were finally able to get back to some ridden work - something they've missed doing - Arthur was fab...remembered everything and showed off his skills.  Munchie was quite envious but he will have to wait some time before he can do ridden work again, so he had a go at some obstacles with Catherine "in-hand".

Roy and Joyce came to visit.  Roy was our "broom mechanic" of the day bringing a new broom and revamping some of the others - bringing us memories of the famous comedy sketch of Trigger still having his original broom after many years dedicated service (17 new heads and 14 new handles!).

Munchie is getting so much better every day and is shedding lots and lots of coat - he's nearly looking normal now but still has a way to go.  He has the same hoof condition as Babe but from different causes - he is a pedal bone rotation rehab case but we have also needed to rehab his kidneys and digestive system too.  He is coming along really well bless him and is following in Babe's hoofprints so to speak.  His hooves have improved a lot but it will be a quite before he has grown new hoof capsules.  He's always got a willing companion to help him eat hay when he's in the yard!
The other boys really aren't losing their coats yet - Frodo is usually the first to start losing his so they obviously think it's going to be a late spring this year...

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