Sunday, 13 April 2014

Topsy's Adventures

Topsy approves of Jenny's decision not strim the grass here!
We're really enjoying the spring weather and to celebrate the arrival of the cow parsley, goose grass, dandelions (and the delicious patches of lush grass that Faye's not supposed to notice!) Topsy's been having excursions the last two days.

Margaret's been helping today so she's been enjoying time with Topsy too!

The ponies' coats are changing fast now with handfuls of hair coming out. No matter how much you brush there always seems to be more hair!  Sara gave Bobby a brush yesterday.  She was hoping to see Peter but unfortunately he couldn't come as he has a cold so we hope he feels better again soon!
Lovely weather at last!

Lovely Dan looking very handsome

Sara brushing Bobby

I'm not sure whether we did a proper update about the diatomaceous earth...but we can report that it did indeed do it's job to get rid of the dreaded lice that were immune to everything, and quickly too, thank goodness!

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Rowan Durrant said...

How do you apply the diatomaceous earth? Topically or feed? Tilly has had mites which we've cleared with some rather nasty smelling wash from the vet, but would be nice to use a more natural alternative if they return. said...

Hi Rowan...good question! The diatomaceous earth (which must be food grade)is applied topically. It's very fine and quite like a talcum powder consistency. It's really soft to touch. It was recommended that we mix it with some neem leaf and essential oils (quite a lot of drops) - we used lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus and tea tree oils. I suppose once the insects are cut open by the silica in the earth, the other ingredients ensure a swift demise. We covered all our brushes with the mixture too and any surface the ponies were rubbing on - it seemed easy to apply as long as it wasn't really windy!!

Apparently you can feed the earth to horses and ponies to get rid of worms too but we haven't tried that yet! So far it's proven to be pretty useful stuff and I'm so relieved that it worked!