Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Muddy Update

Cilla sent through an email from Tasha who has p4p pony Muddy and included with it is this photo.   Tasha says "He is such a wonderful pony and we love him to bits!! And yes he is a very strong little chap n very forward going".     She's been able to go out riding with her partner (who rides their other horse) and have obviously been making the most of the lovely weather!

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Cilla said...

...and that's Muddy who Paul is leading in the p4p picture on the top left of the blog page - with tiny baby Bisto who featured on the blog a few days ago! That must have been 2003. They both had such bad starts - Bisto's mum Girlie (who is behind in the picture) was still emaciated when she had him (but is now fine and has been rehomed) and Muddy who we found drowning in the water hole bog.