Thursday, 10 April 2014

Peter and Frodo's Obstacle Practice

Peter's been doing horse agility obstacle practice's still too muddy in the field to set up jumps, or bigger obstacles so we focussed on poles and obstacles in the yard.  We set up an "L" shape out of poles to pass through, a single pole to step over with the front feet and wait for 5 seconds before backing over it, a tarpaulin to wait on and then pass across, and a hula hoop obstacle where horse and handler have to wait in each designated hoop for 5 seconds.  We did lots of waiting exercises because patience has not really been one of Frodo's best skills...but actually he was very good!  There's just snapshots in the video but hopefully we'll get a longer video made.

Peter said that he thought the most difficult obstacles were the hula hoops and the single pole.  He found that sometimes Frodo would step into the hoop and sometimes it didn't quite work...but he found that when he was more positive and decisive with his energy and thought exactly about what he needed to happen and where Frodo needed to put his feet (even by pointing into the hoop for instance) that it worked much better.  Peter did really well for his first attempt and he wants to work towards doing a starter level competition with Frodo.

Beautiful sunsets in the evenings again!

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