Sunday, 27 April 2014

Longer Days Means Busier Days

With the longer days and better (but still rainy!) weather with us we're getting lots done!  Ted's been busy tractoring - moving the huge winter manure heap and chain harrowing and rolling the hay field.  Pete gave us a hand by clearing out all the the guttering alongside the barn - it was stuffed full with decaying moss that's been washed off the roof and stopping the rainwater tanks from filling up.  The sheep have returned too and they are very itchy!  They keep rubbing on the gates and trying to get into the tractor yard.

Topsy's been continuing her adventures (although yesterday we deemed it too wet to go out in torrential, monsoon style downpours) and is finding lots of delicious patches of vegetation that need "strimming" along the driveway and beyond.

The grass has been growing like mad for the last couple of weeks, so laminitis prevention procedures have been in place for a while.  For those ponies who spend more time in during the day we try to keep things entertaining with obstacles for Horse Agility practice or walks out.  Frodo needs to start walking out to get ready for his long walk to St John's Fayre!

Thank you to Margaret for her purchase of a new "snow" shovel for the ponies...not that we're expecting snow exactly, but more that they are a great, durable, lightweight design for stable yard duties!  The photos below show we've had a busy day!

Topsy and Margaret are becoming good friends!
I couldn't decide which photo was nicest so I've posted them all!

Country walks

April weather...lovely between the showers 
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