Sunday, 9 February 2014

You Know You're Probably Mad When...

...You spend all day out in the fields in gale force winds, driving rain and mud and you still come indoors with a smile on your face!!!  Just in need of a change of jacket (rain water was going up the sleeves through seepage!), hat and gloves and then back out to do the evening feeds.

If we could just get a few days with no rain, it would make such a difference with drying things up.  Our thoughts really go to the people on the Somerset levels and we're so pleased that they managed to get all their animals to safety.

As you can imagine with fairly constant storms it's just a case of keeping the ponies happy.  Topsy mostly decides to stay in out of the weather and eats hay all day, only venturing out when it's sunny or at least not torrential rain.  The others still go out during the day but we do feel a bit sorry for them when it's particularly dreadful weather...and then we give them a net of hay each in the yard too.  They do have a big concrete yard and plenty of shelter so they can always choose to be in or not.  We still have to keep an eye on their diets and not use the weather as an excuse to feed them too much.  It's not that cold and it's better for them to go into the spring without excess weight.  The ponies have plenty of hay to eat at night but they always have room for the idea of more food!

No sure signs of spring yet...Frodo and Topsy have been losing a bit of coat but the others aren't.  The Mr and Mrs jackdaws and bullfinches are pairing up, the snowdrops are out, and Archie the cockerel's trying to impress the hens so there's signs that it might be coming soon...

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