Saturday, 1 February 2014

February's Arrived

Today it's the first of February's time to introduce our star ponies on the people4ponies calendar for this month who are...Tufty and Topsy.  As you can tell from the photo, these two girls were really bonded to each other and I love the photos of them side by side and grooming each other.  As our regular p4p supporters will know, Tufty and Topsy came to us in September 2012 - two older girls (Tufty was probably in her mid 30s) who were in need of our help.  

Tufty and Topsy had been seized as emaciated wild ponies on Bodmin Moor by the RSPCA approximately 14 years ago.  In their past they had been ear notched, hot branded and badly handled and no-one had been able to get near them after the rescue.  They came to us after the death of the lady who had fostered them…and really because the daughter of their fosterer fought tooth and nail to save them from being shot by the RSPCA.  

Once with us, Tufty became handleable extremely quickly and very shortly after her arrival met our MP Neil Parish! Topsy was much more traumatised but we are continuing our work with her and each day she makes progress.  Sadly we lost lovely Tufty in May last year to a lipoma that didn't respond to treatment.  She was such a character on the yard and obviously was a very special friend to Topsy as the 2 ponies had been through a lot in their lifetime together.  We do still talk about Tufty quite often and we are so pleased that we were able to help her to overcome her fear and trauma and finally find trust in humans.  Before she went, Tufty had helped Topsy to integrate into the herd.  Topsy is part of our p4p herd and often likes a groom with Dan, Rocky, Bobby or Frodo.
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