Friday, 21 February 2014

Frodo's Poorly Hoof

Frodo with his Easyboots on
Yesterday evening Frodo came into the yard not walking properly on one of his front feet.  When he stopped at a haynet he held the hoof up because it was uncomfortable.  On examination he had a stone wedged at the top of an area of separation (caused by the terribly wet weather) and it must have felt like having something stuck under your fingernail.  A hoofpick wan't the right shape to remove it, so thankfully Ted came to the rescue with a braddle and managed to extract the troublesome stone.  That gave quite a lot of relief straight away.  We soaked his foot in Epsom salts, put some german chamomile and yarrow essential oils in the separated area and plugged it with green clay.  Thankfully we also have Frodo's Easyboots so we could put these on to keep his hoof clean, relatively dry and stone free in the yard.  He was walking much better straight away.

Frodo's been in the yard today but he really didn't seem to mind missing out on going up to the field.  He seemed to rather enjoy having his own haynet.  We've cleaned the hoof again and the clay does a great job of plugging the hole.  The hoof feels cool so hopefully the stone just caused a bit of bruising and there's no abcess...He's feeling a lot better.   As he hadn't had a chance to roll in the mud today I could start removing it from his tummy - you wouldn't believe how much mud was under there!

Meanwhile...the newsletters are being printed and Paul and Cilla were amongst the first to get theirs today...more are being printed this weekend and the newsletters should be posted out next week!

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