Monday, 17 February 2014

A Break In The Weather

Dan and Faye - isn't he progressing well!  He wanted to come into the feedstore
 on Saturday night to help Faye with the feeds!!
Sorry for the delay in posting this week - as you'll have seen on the news (if you haven't experienced it yourself!) we've been constantly battered by hugely powerful storms with torrential rain, hail, sleet and snow on occasion, and 70mph it's mostly been a case of doing all the essentials and keeping the ponies happy and safe.  The other thing we've been working on is our latest edition of the p4p newsletter - it's a big edition with an exposé story that we will hopefully also publish on our website.

It's half term this week so Peter's been helping us today.  He's been able to do something with each of the ponies - even Topsy, which is great!

Thank you to everyone who came for our pony helpers   get-together on Saturday - we had a lovely time and lots of delicious things to eat too!

Ponies on the look-out...they could hear some ridden  horses passing by

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