Tuesday, 15 December 2009

We're cautiously optimistic...

Great news today - Billy Boy is now wearing a neck strap. Paul has been working up to this very gradually, bunching it up in his hand whilst stroking him, and letting BB look at it and touch it. In the picture you can hardly see it - you might be able to see the buckle just under his throat.

Paul has been able to put the slightest pressure on the strap (with his hand) and encourage BB to yield to it. This is a very positive step on the way to a full headcollar and the first means of introducing BB to physical pressure instigated by his handler and the understanding of a yielding response to it. Because he was only using his hand on the strap Paul made no attempt to restrain BB if he backed away. He was also able, whilst holding it, to touch BBs face between his eyes.

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