Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Both Billy Boy and Mousey have seemed to increase in confidence today. Mousey, seen by a weekly visitor who remarked that she didn't move away (as she would have done last week) when approached from outside the pen. I can stand very close to her as she moves from the stable to the pen but I know that if I attempted to touch her as she went past she would still panic.

Billy Boy (loose in the yard) actually approached one of our volunteers who was holding a piece of freshly-picked hogweed; I don't think it was intended for him but it was a good opportunity to confirm that humans will not hurt him. He took a piece and moved away.

Two new techniques with him since the last blog; Paul reaches over the stable door to get to BB's nearside - it works. Secondly, when it's time for him to come back in from the yard BB has a little feed waiting in his stable, today it was with a headcollar arranged on the bowl so that he can familiarise himself with it as he woofles about for the feed.

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