Saturday, 19 December 2009

Chilly outings

Brrrr... it's cold. We were chiselling the heaps off the field this morning! Good news is, Paul's back's much better and we have been able to fetch a trailer-load of hay so we are well stocked up for a bit. (Thanks Jenny and Ted)

Billy Boy has been out for his first walk, on the lead, up the lane. He enjoyed browsing along the grassy edges; this is a bit of a test as we have had some ponies who are so fearful of humans that they cannot lower their heads to graze when on the lead; they feel very vulnerable in the close presence of a predator the like of whom has hurt them in the past.

He jumped away a couple of times when startled but every time is an opportunity for Paul to reinforce BB's understanding of pressure and release. The long rope allows this 'jump space' and Paul's experience, strength and leather gloves mean that he can hold on for BB to realise that all is well, and comfortable, when he comes back close.

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