Tuesday, 8 December 2009


Last Sunday Billy Boy spotted Paul in the yard and came right up to him - looking at this picture it might seem strange that we still can't headcollar this very nervous Exmoor stallion yet. He asked for a back scratch and Paul obliged. As you can see in the lower picture Paul had his hand just over the top onto BB's bad side and was talking on the phone at the same time.

Paul has begun to introduce the headcollar by laying it on top of BB's feed bowl so that he has to put his nose in it or move it around to get the food.

We now have an unexpected and very annoying hold up in the rehabilitation of Billy Boy and Mousey as Paul has hurt his back. It just happens sometimes - this time whilst picking up manure. Hopefully, rest will bring it right. It is really hard going when one of us is incapacitated and the rain doesn't help - I have never known such a long spell of wet weather.

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