Friday, 6 November 2009

More Billy and Mousey

Paul sat under the shelter today (steady rain) with tempting greenery held for Billy Boy in such a way that he would have to get touched on the side of his muzzle or under his chin as he took it. BB had taken some bits as normal but suddenly as he leaned in to get more he lunged forward, ears back, teeth bared. Paul raised one hand from his sitting position, fingers spread - BB backed off. It happened again, just the same, a moment later. But after that things returned to 'normal' and the session was finished, as always, on a positive note.

It's quite depressing and neither of us can imagine at the moment that it might be possible to approach Billy Boy and headcollar him. There's no quick fix for this - Billy Boy is expecting us to hurt him and we have to prove to him that we won't. It is not necessary for him to be like this; it's caused by ignorance; if a pony like this has a problem requiring veterinary assistance the chances are that it will simply be shot. It's lucky for Billy that he is now owned by someone who understands this issue - we hope we can help him for them.

Mousey is more accepting of a hand scratching under her throat and will brush her muzzle against our fingers now without panicking. Also she's not so bothered about people near her left hand side. So, small steps.

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