Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Billy Boy - slight progress - and Mousey

Yesterday Paul sat in Billy Boy's pen, offering him carrots. Little bits, so that he would have to nuzzle at Paul's hand to get it. When the carrots had all gone, Paul continued to sit there.

Billy Boy was clearly irritated that there was suddenly nothing in the hand. He reached forward and looked several times, with ears back a little on approach (not too seriously) and then went to walk past Paul who immediately blocked him with a raised hand. BB tried this again, and again he was blocked. He then accepted the situation, backed off, licked and chewed a bit and settled to wait - I felt that his demeanor had changed. Paul waited a minute and then came out. It was definitely a session playing 'mind games' and we felt that it was positive.
Today, Paul did the carrots again, two handed, and was able to stroke the side of BB's muzzle briefly as he took them.
Mousey went out on the 'lawn' today. She came in with her forelock decorated with dead dock stalks - goodness knows when we'll be able to get them out. Also, she has discovered a good scratching place on the low branches of the apple tree so there is now a patch of churned up mud beneath it where she has been swaying backwards and forwards.
She now copes with touching the hand that offers food without panicking.

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