Saturday, 14 November 2009

A breakthrough with Billy Boy

Well we did the poo picking (2 days x 7 ponies) - the wind was so strong that it caught me a couple of times - made me laugh actually! then came driving and stinging rain; I was thinking how many other people would have been out doing the same thing. The ponies had a good old run round with the wind under their tails.

Paul was in with Billy Boy, in the stable, just before dusk. The wind had dropped and it was quiet - I was there but BB was too aware of that so I made myself scarce. All the best bits happen when I'm not looking! Paul was sitting on the stool doing carrots when I left. He then decided to have a go with the hand stick with carrot wedged between the fingers, which BB took, being used to this from the real hand. Then Paul used the long cane to touch him, and that was OK and even liked (BB is pretty itchy at the moment.) Although they were in a relatively small space BB made no attempt to bite, threaten or swing his rump round. Back to the hand stick and the usual method of gradually inching one's hand along it until one is touching the pony, and continuing the rythymic scratching all the time. Billy Boy clearly enjoyed it and tried to reciprocate on the hayrack, being still too frightened to turn his head onto Paul.

Paul was elated to have made proper and accepted contact; just hope we can continue to make progress.

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Faye Stacey said...

Well done Paul and Billy Boy!

Anonymous said...