Monday, 16 November 2009

Billy Boy again

Billy has today coped with Paul's attentions whilst I was mucking out in the adjacent stable. I was trying not to make sudden noises. Paul stroked BB's face and rubbed his chest. This is really good progress.

Later they did another session. BB seemed very settled to the stroking at a particular position in the stable - across the back corner. We see this sort of thing a lot with previously traumatised ponies where they become comfortable with a manoeuvre as long as it is performed as a sort of ritual where they feel comfortable, for instance we can only headcollar Gypsy Dan just inside the field gate on the right!

Paul moved back towards the door and BB, responding as to advance and retreat, stepped towards him. As Paul turned to face him BB suddenly semed anxious - his ears flattened and his head went up, with a confrontational posture towards Paul who instinctively raised his arms. BB retreated to his comfort zone and the session continued as before. Ending on a positive note as always Paul realised that he had forgotten to remove Billy's haynet prior to working with him. It hangs just inside the door so BB, suddenly finding himself next to it, may well have been protecting his food.

Or maybe not! who knows? We're always theorising about things....

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margaret H said...

How did BB say he liked having his chest rubbed?