Friday, 16 December 2016

Thank You's

A big thank you from the ponies and all of us at P4P... to Kate, Alice, Max and Josie...and everyone in class 4 at Filleigh Primary School...who held Christmas fundraising stalls for different charities.  Kate, Alice, Max and Josie did an amazing job, selling 68 chocolate dipped marshmallow lollies and over 40 cakes on Wednesday!  They have raised an amazing £47.30 for P4P - thank you so much everyone...and how wonderful that everyone had such delicious treats in the process of fundraising...THANK YOU!

Our thanks also go to David and Kay for their donation to the ponies...and Margaret who went on a special mission today to the feedstore to pick up a new wheelbarrow and more feed mangers...we have a poorly pony arriving tomorrow so we could definitely do with the extra equipment!

Thank you also to Thea who came to visit today and brought lots of bags of apples for the ponies - one of their favourite treats!!

We're glad that everyone seems to be enjoying their newsletters - thank you for your support!

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