Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Newsletter Is Published!

Apologies for the delay in blogging has been very busy...but the good news is that our pre-Christmas newsletter has now been published!  Our supporters will be receiving their copies either by post or email!  If you haven't received your copy yet it should be arriving soon!   The newsletter has all our news from the last 6 months and is a bumper edition as there has been so much going on!  It also has a summary of our Bodmin research.

Topsy has been trying out her new manger and I think she quite likes it - the chickens have to stay in for the moment so they are not trying to steal her food...but hopefully it'll help to stop them trying to pinch her delicious snacks when they are back out again!!

We've been doing Wolfie's exercises each evening.  He's certainly feeling quite sprightly - play fighting with Dan in the field today - they can be quite rough with their play but always safe - and then they go straight back to grazing quite happily with each other and the herd.

It was lovely to see Muddy yesterday who is looking great and is very happy with Tasha.

Our condolences go to Jeremy the pony's family who sadly lost their Shetland pony, Tilly, a few days ago...she was a much loved member of the family.

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