Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Christmas Is Arriving Soon - Donations For Christmas!

Thanks to our wonderful friends at Naturally Animals it is now possible for supporters to donate Christmas presents for our charity ponies!

Herbs and essential oils are such an important part of our work here at People4ponies - not only helping to keep our ponies healthy, but they are also crucial for helping our rehabilitation cases to get well!  Now we are entering winter there is less plant variety about in the pastures...so what better Christmas present than some of their favourite self selection choices!

If you ring Naturally Animals on 01483 608322 and quote "People4ponies" it is possible to order products for the ponies - prices starting from just £3.75.  You won't be charged any postage - Naturally Animals will keep all the donations together until our last order for December, so all the donations should arrive in time for Christmas!!  The last date for ordering donations is Monday the 19th December!  Gift cards are also available...

Below is a list of some of their favourite products and an idea of prices...

Herbs: Seaweed - £4.50; Cider Vinegar - £4.50; Salt Lick - £5.85; Spearmint - £8.00; Rosehips - £9.50; Linseed - £10; Milkthistle - £11.00; Nettle - £12; Hawthorn - £12; Cleavers - £12.75; Marigold flowers- £13.00; Burdock Root - £13.75; Dandelion leaf - £15; Chamomile flowers - £16.80; Kidney tonic - £22.50.

Essential oils: Peppermint essential oil £3.75; Sage essential oil - £4.50; Marjoram essential oil - £5; Lavender essential oil £5.50; Ylang Ylang essential oil - £6.50; Frankincense essential oil - £7.20; Ravensara essential oil - £7.20; Yarrow essential oil - £13.14; Jasmine - £22.

Thank you everyone from all of us...especially the ponies themselves...anything you might be able to donate would be very much appreciated!!

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