Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Honiton Success

We had a really successful day on Saturday at the Mind, Body and Spirit Fayre in Honiton - thank you very much to Peter who came to help on the stall...and to Julie, Thea and Diane who travelled a long way to come and support us - thank you ladies!  It was lovely to see you all.

Thank you to everyone who visited our stall - we raised a much appreciated £103.96 for the ponies!  And thank you to Faie, Rachel and Margaret who looked after the ponies on the day!

We must post about Babe again soon as she is so close to completing her rehab.  The last part of the laminar wedge has reached the bottom of her foot - up until now she has self trimmed perfectly but the laminar wedge was so solid at the toe (more like concrete than hoof) it wasn't wearing away like the rest of the foot.  Paul kindly came over and removed this excess part at the toe - nothing else was trimmed - just a toe tidy up.  She's looking very smart!!  It's so amazing that she has a new hoof capsule in 6-7 months...she was such a poorly girl when she arrived she was within days of being put to sleep if she didn't come to us.

Thank you to everyone who has provided extra support whilst I've been getting "back to normal" after being poorly.  Particularly Margaret has worked super hard to make sure I don't over-do things!!

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