Thursday, 1 September 2016


Being the 1st September we have a new calendar picture!  This month isn't a's Oscar the dog helping with the hay making!  A very happy dog with hay all over his nose!

September is not usually the month to do haymaking...but last year it rained so much it was September when we made our hay...and it wasn't until the 9th September that it was finally ready to bale.  It was such incredibly hard work - the ground was very wet and the tractors had to be switched on the hay turner because 4 wheel drive was needed to get traction on the ground.  The grass itself was so wet and thick it had to be hand turned as well as tractor turned each day.  And it was cold some days was successful and Oscar helped by rolling in the piles of hay (perhaps his way of helping to dry it out!)...and the ponies are now eating their way through the bales we made so they approve of our efforts!!

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