Tuesday, 2 August 2016

It's August

So the beginning of August means that we have a new calendar page...and this month features beautiful Maisie who is one of the traumatised mares from the original group of rescued ponies.

She is such a good looking girl!  I first met her when 6 ponies that had been out conservation grazing were losing the land they were on.  Maisie was one of 6 to come back at that time.  From that group Maisie, Star and Misty ended up being a little group which went out conservation grazing on a Devon Wildlife Trust site (once their handling was complete).  The site they were on ended up being fairly wet and it hadn't suited Maisie's feet - Star and Misty were fine but Maisie's hooves were not coping well.  So she came back from the site to get her back on track.  Cilla was looking for a home for Maisie and luckily enough Frances offered her a home.  As you saw the other week, Maisie's son Jaffa Cake also went to live there too, such lucky ponies!  Maisie is a strong matriarchal character - rather wise and even though Babe is much bigger than Maisie, I'm sure that Maisie is going to show that she's definitely the boss!  Babe's up for an easy life anyway so I don't think that will be a problem!!!

Star, Misty, and Maisie in the foreground
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