Friday, 15 July 2016

Haymaking Is Underway!

 It's all go at the moment!  Yesterday Roger cut our hay field so haymaking is officially underway!  We now need lots of sunshine and warm weather to dry the grass.  It's a thick crop and Roger estimates there'll be at least 800 bales so it's going to be a lot of hay to move!  We need a successful haymaking to make sure we have plenty of hay in the barn to feed our ponies during the winter!  Ted's been busy turning the field today helped by John...

Lots of report writing going on for our Bodmin results!  Roy has been busy tack cleaning.  Margaret's been producing jams and marmalades.  Our 2017 calendars are in production thanks to Vistaprint!

John has also done a fantastic job of rebuilding the stable which is coming along really well!

Topsy has lots of friends in the field with her!

 Evening snacks in the yard - 7 ponies in one photo!
 Babe coming in for dinner!

 Wolfie, Frodo and the "silver chicken"! Frodo actually looks fairly clean in this photo!
A little hedgehog came to visit on Monday

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