Sunday, 24 July 2016

A Busy Week Continues!

After a successful haymaking, this week has continued to be pretty busy!  On Thursday we made a visit to Basil who has a touch of laminitis - not too bad thankfully and he took the opportunity to select plants to help him to get better - seaweed, spearmint and willow were his preferences.  He now has some probiotic and liver cleanse to get back on track.

The hedgehogs are doing well - Mum was seen the morning after haymaking by Jenny.  Bobby and Arthur were sleeping in the yard and Mrs Hedgehog was out with them.  Knowing Mum is about is such a relief! The babies seem happy with our replacement nest so we don't need to disturb them.  We are feeding a selection of best cat biscuits and mealworms to give them a helping hand - six babies is a lot for a mum to feed!  The babies are all quite different - watching them from a distance you get an idea of their personalities, some are more confident than others.  Martin and Nicole arrived last night - I asked if they'd seen any hedgehogs as they were camping and Nicole said yes!  One of the babies tried to get into her tent!!  They're obviously getting quite adventurous!

Nicole and Martin made the trip to Devon to visit Frances - we all think Babe has been offered the perfect home.  It was great to see Maisie and Jaffa again - they have such a wonderful home!  Thank you Frances for your hospitality!

Do you recognise the nose????

It's Jaffa!


Cheeky dog!

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